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  • CoreLogic: Home prices increase for seventh consecutive month

    Western states see increases in the double digits
    Home prices continue to surge, rising for their seventh consecutive month in February. And growth in the Western states was even higher, breaking double-digit increases in home prices. However, CoreLogic’s latest report shows these surges in home prices will soon see a slowdown.
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  • CoreLogic: Home prices to reverse course in January

    Could decrease up to 0.4%
    Home prices are increasing both month-over-month and annually, but that could soon reverse course and drop in January, according to CoreLogic's Home Price Index. But for now, more than one-third of the nation’s largest metro area housing markets are considered overvalued.
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  • CoreLogic: Home prices surge 7% annually in October

    Forecasts home price increases will slow in 2018
    Home prices increased across the U.S. from last month and last year, according to the latest Home Price Index from CoreLogic. In fact, home prices are up so much that out of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, 37% are now considered overvalued based on the area’s housing stock.
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  • CoreLogic: Tight inventory stabilized home price growth

    Nearly half of largest 50 markets overvalued
    Home prices posted a solid increase in August from the previous month and year, driven by the continuous lack of housing inventory. But CoreLogic explained the tight inventory has actually helped stabilize price growth. Over the next year, the company forecasts home price increases will begin to slow.
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  • CoreLogic: Home prices jump 6.6% in May

    Affordability predicted to continue declines
    CoreLogic’s Home Price Index increased both month-over-month and annually in May, with both forecasted to continue rising as affordability slips. CoreLogic explains, for renters and potential first-time homebuyers, the current market trends are not a pretty picture.
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  • CoreLogic: Bidding frenzy sends home prices soaring

    Home prices jump nearly 7% in April
    Home prices jumped in April after a drop in interest rates sent buyers flooding into the market. CoreLogic’s forecasts suggests home prices will continue to increase into next month and next year, but at a slightly slower pace. April’s gains in home prices grew at more than double the pace of rental price increases.
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  • CoreLogic: Home prices continue upward trend in March

    Home price index only 2.8% from 2006 peak
    Home prices, to no surprise, continued their upward trend in March, increasing both year-over-year and month-over-month. And looking ahead, the CoreLogic HPI Forecast indicates this isn’t changing anytime soon. Here’s added perspective from Frank Nothaft, chief economist for CoreLogic, on how it compares to past.
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