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  • Online mortgage broker Morty launches first-time homebuyer platform, expands reach

    Startup leverages tech to bring simplicity and transparency to the mortgage process
    Looking for a helpful mortgage broker to assist you in the purchase or refinance of a home? Meet Morty! Sounds friendly, right? But it's more than that. Launched two years ago by four 30-something mortgage and tech entrepreneurs, Morty is an online broker that offers consumers rates from a marketplace of lenders in a transaction that is completely digital. And now, Morty has a new platform for first-time homebuyers, and it may be available in your state.
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  • New bill slashes FHA mortgage insurance for first-time homebuyers

    Borrowers who undergo counseling can get a discount on their upfront mortgage insurance
    The House passed a bill Tuesday that slashes the cost of upfront mortgage insurance for first-time homebuyers using mortgages backed by the FHA. The bill stipulates that first-time homebuyers who complete a housing counseling program to learn about sustaining homeownership can get a 25-basis-point discount on their upfront mortgage insurance for an FHA loan.
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  • This is what the typical first-time homebuyer looks like

    Harvard study paints picture of the average buyer
    There were 3.1 million first-time homebuyers in 2016 and early 2017, according to a recent study on the state of the nation's housing market by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. While a review of these buyers shows that they vary widely in age, we've taken the most common characteristics to create a profile of the average first-time homebuyer. Here's what they look like.
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  • Even with high expectations for digital, homebuyers want a human touch

    Partnering with an independent mortgage broker delivers the expertise buyers are looking for
    Real estate agents provide the high-touch experience buyers need to navigate finding a home and negotiating the final price. By partnering with an independent mortgage broker, agents can give their buyers access to that same kind of personalized service to secure a loan.
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  • Zillow: Housing slowdown likely to pass as second wave of Millennials enter housing market

    3.11 million first-time buyers are projected to enter the market by 2028
    A recent Zillow analysis claims an extra 3.11 million people at prime first-time home-buying age are projected to enter the housing market by 2028. While it’s not certain if each of these people will purchase a home, Zillow claims the sheer heft of their numbers will impact the market.
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  • LendingTree: First-time homebuyers struggle to navigate home lending

    Only 30% of borrowers look at more than 1 lender when searching for a home loan
    LendingTree recently released an analysis that compares the borrowing patterns of first-time buyers to repeat mortgage borrowers. The report determined that just 24% of first-time homebuyers claim to be very familiar with the different types of mortgages available to them.
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  • Here's what you need to know about first-time homebuyers

    New York Fed pinpoints characteristics of this demographic
    Earlier this week, we established that first-time homebuyers are not, in fact, being shut out of the housing market as some had feared, thanks to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Now, a second part of that study aims to pinpoint characteristics of these first-time buyers and note how they have changed over time. Here's what they found.
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  • First-time homebuyers are not being shut out of the housing market

    New York Fed sets the record straight
    Several housing market analysts have expressed concern that a lack of affordability has shut first-time homebuyers out of the market. But the trouble is, there hasn’t been a great measure of how many first-time buyers are actually purchasing homes. Until now. A recent paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York set out to create a more accurate picture, and the results may surprise you.
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  • These are the best housing markets for first-time buyers

    Zillow ranked metros based on home value, appreciation and more
    Purchasing the perfect home can be difficult, especially for those navigating the housing market for the first time. Luckily, a new report by Zillow reveals the country's top housing markets for first-time buyers, measuring factors like home value, home appreciation, wealth and inventory. Find out which markets made the cut.
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  • These are the best markets for first-time homebuyers

    Pittsburgh is the No. 1 metro in the country for first-time buyers
    Several reports indicate that Millennials are predicted to dominate the housing market in 2019. As many of these young adults enter the market as first-time buyers, some will experience difficulty navigating affordability and inventory concerns. Luckily, LendingTree recently released a report that highlighted the best U.S. cities for first-time homebuyers. Find out which ones here.
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