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  • Report Forecasts Housing Recovery -- in 2008

    While most analysts and economists are predicting a shallow recession in 2008 and a housing downturn that will last into 2010, a report released on Friday said that the housing bubble "has now fully deflated." That's according to SMR Research Corp., who is predicting a mild housing recovery this year. The recovery is likely to be gradual, according to a report published by the company, with housing prices merely firming up or increasing slightly during 2008.
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  • More on the "R" Word; It's Becoming a Chorus

    Three more economists weighed in today on the prospects of a U.S. recession in 2008. Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chief, spoke in an interview with NPR on Friday and put the odds around 50 percent. Harvard University economist Martin Feldstein also pegged the 50 percent number, according to a Bloomberg report:
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