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  • Understanding a depression

    One of my favorite reads each day is Calculated Risk -- if you aren't reading, you should be. The blog's host put up a tour de force yesterday that asked the question: are we really facing a depression here in the States? The bottom line of the well-reasoned analysis is worth paying attention to: Even though the current recession is already one of the worst since 1947, it is only about 1/3 of the way to a depression (assuming a terrible Q1).
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  • US Attorney General: Mortgage Mess Isn't Enron Redux

    U.S. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey ruffled the feathers of more than a few key Democratic lawmakers late Thursday, solidifying his earlier stance that he will not form a national task force to investigate the mortgage crisis -- particularly, mortgage fraud. Fraud in mortgages allegedly has run rampant from borrowers all the way through to Wall Street investors, helping fuel a global financial crisis that many economists say has pushed the United States into a recession.
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  • RMBS warning labels, and your Friday funnies

    Apparently, these days, anyone can think that they understand the complex world of structured finance. The latest? An academic and a consumer investment adviser, who are set to call for Federal authorities to assume responsibility for rating RMBS and related structured securities, according to a press statement released Friday.
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  • Even Krugman Can Be Right, Occassionally

    The NY Times' Paul Krugman isn't always wrong: "Why has a crisis that began with loans to a limited group of home buyers ended up disrupting so much of the financial system? Because, ultimately, it's more than a subprime crisis; indeed, it's more than a housing crisis. It's a crisis of faith."
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