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  • Angel Oak plots expansion in non-QM correspondent lending

    Brings on four new executives to lead growth effort
    Angel Oak Companies, an investment management firm that focuses on mortgage credit and made its name providing residential mortgages that don’t fit into the Qualified Mortgage box, has grown its business significantly over the last several years. And now, the company is set to grow again. Angel Oak announced this week that it is planning an expansion of its correspondent lending channel.
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  • FBR: We're bullish on Flagstar-Stearns Lending correspondent lending deal

    Could be the first in line of acquisitions for Flagstar
    After announcing late Monday that it intends to acquire Stearns Lending’s delegated correspondent lending business, Flagstar Bancorp is positioned to grow its already sizable footprint in the mortgage business, FBR & Co. analysts said in a note to clients. Here's their take on the deal.
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    It’s time to expect more from your correspondent lender

    How partnering with the right one can translate into big wins for your business
    Being a small to midsized mortgage lender in today’s environment is tough – there’s no denying it. But, you don’t have to go it alone. Partnering with the right investor can help you minimize risk while expanding your product offering at the same time.
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  • Stonegate just grew warehouse lending by 888%

    No, that’s not a typo
    Stonegate Mortgage Corporation reported an incredible 888% year-over-year increase in its warehouse lending in the fourth quarter, rising from $47.8 million in 2013 to $472.4 million in 2014. But it still wasn't enough to help Stonegate turn a profit in 2014.
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  • LenderLive boosts correspondent lending division

    Hires Andrew Lion and Wendy Lovett as regional account executives
    LenderLive Network is enhancing its correspondent lending division with the additions of two new regional executives, Andrew Lion and Wendy Lovett. Lion will cover the Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska territory, while Lovett will cover the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Utah.
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  • NAR fights in support of mini-correspondent lenders

    Urges CFPB not to restrict access to credit
    The National Association of Realtors is urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau not to disrupt the imperative role mini correspondent lenders play in the home-buying process for Realtors. Too many rules can impede the process as much as too little, NAR warns.
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  • From HW Magazine

    From strength to strength

    HousingWire's 2014 look at correspondent lenders to watch
    Last October, HousingWire highlighted several correspondent lenders and gave a broad overview of where this division of mortgage finance was heading. We are happy to report that those lenders are still doing a robust set of business, although the road remains no less rocky. But as we said last year, at least there’s a road to begin with.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Return of the correspondent lender

    An uneven road lies ahead -- but at least there's a road to begin with
    Gabe Medrano just started as the go-to guy for the correspondent lending division at NexBank, and already he is seeing something he doesn't like. In front of him early on a Thursday morning, on his computer monitor, the Dow Jones Industrial Average...
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