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  • Cook County judge indicted for role in mortgage fraud scheme

    Jessica O’Brien accused of fraudulently obtaining $1.4 million in mortgage loans
    A Cook County, Illinois, judge finds herself on the wrong end of criminal charges after federal authorities accused her of taking part in a $1.4 million mortgage fraud scheme. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Jessica O’Brien caused lenders to issue and refinance approximately $1.4 million in mortgage and commercial loans by “making false representations and concealing material facts in documents submitted to the lenders.”
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  • Wells Fargo victorious in Chicago-area predatory lending lawsuit

    Judge dismisses claims brought by Cook County
    Wells Fargo secured a victory in court Friday, when a U.S. District Judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against the lender by Cook County, Illinois, which accused the bank of predatory lending. Cook County accused Wells Fargo of steering minority borrowers into higher-priced loans.
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  • Illinois Sheriff Suspends All Evictions

    Cook County, Illinois is somewhat of a celebrity-by-infamy in the mortgage servicing community. The county has long had a high number of foreclosures, and an equally long record of consumer activism to go with it as well. It's time to add Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to that list; the sheriff recently has starting this week refused to evict tenants when their landlord is foreclosed upon, and has suspended all evictions in the county as a result, according to a CNN report earlier this week.
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