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  • Here are the changes to California's Homeowner Bill of Rights you need to know

    The New Year brings new changes
    [Expert commentary] Riddled throughout California’s Homeowner Bill of Rights are the words "repealed" effective "Jan. 1, 2018." Unfortunately, many loan servicers assume that means the entire HOBR will be repealed and that all they have to worry about going forward is complying with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Loss Mitigation Rules. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Check out this in-depth list of changes to look out for.
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  • Xavier Becerra officially named California attorney general

    Holds state’s second-most-powerful appointed position
    Now that Kamala Harris is getting settled in her new role in the U.S. Senate, California officially announced Rep. Xavier Becerra as her replacement, approving him as the state’s new attorney general. Becerra comes to the position during a time of major political divide, and the state is looking to him to make sure California is ready for a fight.
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  • California bill to protect surviving homeowners up for vote

    The Homeowner Survivor Bill of Rights
    California took initiative in 2013 and implemented California's Homeowner Bill of Rights, which stops mortgage servicers from engaging in abusive practices that were leading to unnecessary foreclosures on families throughout the state. The problem isn't over though. A new bill that should fix the problem areas is expected to be voted on next Monday.
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  • California AG backs expansion of Homeowners' Bill of Rights

    Throws support behind bill that would help widowed spouses keep their homes
    California Attorney General Kamala Harris is throwing her support behind a bill that expand the state’s Homeowners’ Bill of Rights to include a provision designed to help widowed spouses and children stay in their homes after the primary mortgage holder passes away.
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