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  • No Reason to Get Excited

    What will the financial news headlines read on January 29? Dollars to doughnuts, I’d expect more than a few screaming headlines about economic growth—next Friday is when the U.S. Department of Commerce rolls out its advance estimate for GDP in the fourth quarter of 2009. But all will likely not be as it seems, if so.
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  • One Voice Less

    Terrible news to start Monday. The community of those of us that write about the mortgage industry is small to begin with, and the community of those considered "mortgage bloggers" is even smaller than that. Which makes news today of the passing of Doris Dungey -- Tanta to those who read her work over at Calculated Risk -- a very sad day, indeed, and a reminder that there are larger issues than the nation's housing crisis at work.
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  • Guest writing at CR this week

    This week, I'm helping my friends at Calculated Risk -- which means much of the content that might have appeared as a BuzzPost will likely end up over there. Take this post on FHASecure, for example. The CR blog is one of the economic area's best, and I'm glad to help a friend out. Feel free to read liberally, if reading blogs is your thing.
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  • Quantifying the Home ATM

    Over at Calculated Risk, the blog's eponymous author takes a hard look at just how much the housing price slump is likely to drag on personal spending during 2008. His figure? $180 billion. So-called "personal consumption expenditures" -- that's econo-speak for discretionary spending by consumers, which is often the lifeblood of much of the retail industry -- rose by $508 billion between 2006 and 2007 alone.
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