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  • Freedom Mortgage to acquire RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

    Freedom Mortgage and RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing are planning to merge, the companies announced Friday. The deal will make RoundPoint a wholly owned subsidiary of Freedom and boost its servicing portfolio to more than $300 billion. Click the headline to read more.

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  • From HW Magazine

    The battle for the broker

    Is there a resolution that works for everyone?
    We set out to ask how lenders were going to battle for the borrower. The answers we received changed our minds. There’s battle happening on a much smaller scale, and that’s the battle for the broker.
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  • Provident Financial abandons mortgage banking

    Plans to layoff 122 staffers in the coming months
    In a released statement the firm said challenging economic and operating conditions made it difficult to make a profit in home loan originations. The company's CEO also cited "required investments in expensive technology" as another reason.
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  • Quicken Loans accuses United Wholesale Mortgage of waging smear campaign in battle for borrowers

    Quicken CEO: "We will expose their shady schemes"
    In a recent exchange of emails with HousingWire, Quicken Loans defended its business practices, saying more than 25 C2 Financial LOs were left upset and confused by the latest development, while also accusing AIME members of trying to undermine its operations, namely United Wholesale Mortgage. Read through and judge for yourself.
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Mortgage brokers should focus on protecting their business in 2018

    Finding the right wholesale partners is key
    From our perspective at UWM, our business has been built on supporting growth initiatives of brokers and that will continue to be our top priority. We buy loans, not customers. One thing that separates us from our competitors is the effort we put in to delivering the best partnership tools in the industry, so that our brokers can keep their clients.
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  • [Video] BRAWL 101: What is the fight all about?

    A breakdown of the arguments on both sides
    A group of mortgage brokers recently decided to stand up against the way things have always been in wholesale lending, thus creating BRAWL, Brokers Rallying Against Whole-tail Lending. Here’s a breakdown of what this fight is all about, and what each side is saying about the movement.
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  • “Whole-tail” lenders: The entire premise of BRAWL is flawed

    Say bad rep coming from vocal minority giving incorrect details
    Earlier this year, a group of mortgage brokers started an initiative against certain wholesale lenders, calling out their practices, but one of those lenders is fighting back against those claims. The top lender for 2016 said the entire premise of BRAWL – that some wholesale lenders are safe to sell to while others are not – is flawed.
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  • UWM CEO: Here's why we stand with BRAWL

    Why is this movement happening now?
    The BRAWL, Brokers Rallying Against Whole-tail Lending, movement is pushing back against the way things have always been in the wholesale lending space. HousingWire is talking to wholesale lenders on both sides of the fence to get their perspective on the movement that’s disrupting the space. Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, one of the "good ones," shares his thoughts.
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    Mortgage brokers BRAWL with untrustworthy wholesale lenders

    New advocacy group defines "good" wholesale partners
    The group has submitted a BRAWL-endorsed list of wholesale lenders that do wholesale business the “right way” – wholesale lenders that support the broker channel and do no more than 20% of their business on the retail side. On the flip side, they also named the lenders that are notorious for flipping leads over to their retail channels and permanently stealing customers. 
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    Mortgage brokers launch BRAWL initiative to combat unethical whole-tail lender practices

    Taking aim at wholesale lenders who are actually focused on retail loans
    A network of independent mortgage brokers throughout the country have banded together to launch a national movement in the mortgage industry, Brokers Rallying Against Whole-tail Lending (BRAWL), an initiative focused on stopping the unethical practices used by “whole-tail lenders.”
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