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  • Homeowners are taking on fewer house projects, but they're spending more

    Here's where they're spending the most, and why
    The volume of home maintenance and remodeling projects is declining, while spend for both is increasing, and this all signals the likelihood of a continued slowdown for the housing market. According to the latest Housing Health Report from BuildFax, much of the spend is concentrated in states where affordable housing is bringing an influx of residents.
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  • Kanye West investing in Star Wars-themed low-income housing

    Working on prototypes for prefab affordable housing
    Now that he’s got the sneaker market thoroughly cornered, Kanye West is apparently moving on to his next project: affordable housing. A recent profile of the rapper-turned-designer revealed that West is working on designing prefabricated, low-income housing with a Star War's aesthetic, shopping the idea to investors as a potential housing solution for the homeless.
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  • [Pulse] Affordable housing issues are stymying the mortgage market, but change is on the way

    Federal agencies and lawmakers are finally taking much-needed steps to solve the crisis plaguing the U.S. housing market
    It’s now been almost seven years since people started to take notice of the current housing shortage and become angry over the skyrocketing costs for housing. But now we are seeing change in the finance industry and in every level of government, signaling that perhaps, we’ve finally reached a tipping point.
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  • Apartment demand spikes to 5-year high

    Lack of affordable homes has locked an increasing number out of the market
    Demand for apartments hit a high not seen in five years as a shortage of affordable homes has locked an increasing number of Americans out of the market. According to recent data from RealPage, the national occupancy rate rose to 95.8% from 95.4% last year.
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  • Harvard: There's a housing shortage, and it's eroding affordability

    Tight supply is putting the squeeze on prices
    There’s a shortage of homes on the market, and it’s driving up house prices and rents, especially for average earners living in high-cost markets. This is the big takeaway from Harvard’s massive study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies released recently on the state of the nation’s housing market. The gist is that the housing market is constrained by production that has been below historical levels for more than a decade.
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  • Fast-growing cities see substantial decline in affordable housing

    Lack of rental housing to accommodate low-income residents
    The fastest-growing cities in the U.S. saw their stock of affordable housing decline substantially from 2010 to 2017, according to the latest research from Freddie Mac, highlighting a strong correlation in population growth and affordability loss. Here are the cities that are seeing the greatest influx of residents.
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  • Trump signs executive order to tackle lack of affordable housing

    Establishes council to eliminate barriers to development
    President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that establishes a White House Council tasked with identifying and removing barriers hindering the development of affordable housing. In effect, he is “tearing down red tape in order to build more affordable housing,” a White House release said.
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  • Baltimore is the best city for a nurse to buy a home, PropertyShark says

    But in San Francisco, a median-priced home will cost 10 times a nurse's salary
    Baltimore, Maryland, is the best place for nurses to live if they want to buy homes, according to a report from PropertyShark that compares salaries and home prices in cities it designated as medical hubs. "Of our 12 focus cities, only five offer an affordable housing market for nursing professionals – 10 years ago seven were affordable," the report said.
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  • From HW Magazine

    The future of affordable lending

    Modernizing the mortgage process
    A recent Freddie Mac analysis shows that the U.S. is short approximately 2.5 million homes needed to keep up with current demand. From 1968 to 2008, a span of 40 years, there was only one year in which fewer new housing units were built than in 2017.  And wage growth is just now keeping up with house price appreciation, for the first time in seven years.
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