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  • Denver turns to "granny flats" to stave off affordability woes

    An urban regeneration coalition in Denver is receiving backing from Fannie Mae to install ADUs in low-income neighborhoods
    Auxiliary dwelling units could be the answer to helping low-income households afford to stay in gentrifying areas. According to a report by Donna Bryson from CNBC, the residents of a West Denver neighborhood are taking the affordability issues facing their neck of the woods into their own hands.
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  • Appraising: What Is This Two-Unit Property?

    So you have a two-unit property that needs to be appraised. Simple enough, but how should it be classified and reported? Is it a small, income-producing, two-family property that needs to be reported on the Fannie Mae 1025 form, or is it better described as a single-family residential (SFR) home with an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), to be reported on the Fannie Mae 1004 form? These are questions I get weekly from both lenders and appraisers. Everyone wants to know, “What is this two-unit property?” To answer this question, we first need to define ADU. In short, ADUs are additional
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