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  • Fannie Mae transfers risk on $22B in single-family loans

    Both loans acquired from October 2017 through March 2018
    Fannie Mae recently announced it completed its fourth and fifth Credit Insurance Risk Transfer transactions, transferring risk on $22 billion in single-family loans. The two pools contain fixed-rate loans with ratios of at least 60% and up to 80% with original terms between 21 and 30 years.
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  • Mortgage lenders: Demand for refinances falls to three-year low

    Fannie Mae report shows bleak outlook for refinances amid rising rates
    Mortgage lenders are reporting that the demand for refinances is at a three-year low, driven by rising interest rates. The news comes courtesy of Fannie Mae’s second quarter 2018 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey, which also shows that increasing home prices and low housing supply continue to threaten mortgage demand.
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  • Millennials are now buying more homes than ever

    This is the highest percentage since May 2017
    Continued limited housing inventory has raised the competition for home buying amongst Millennials, who are buying new homes in record numbers. In April, 89% of mortgage loans made to Millennial borrowers were for new home purchases, which is up one percentage point from March, and the highest percentage since May 2017.
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    Metrostudy’s MortgagePro expands lender opportunities with access to builder data

    Customizable platform delivers proprietary research for organic and M&A growth
    The 2017 mortgage market provides tremendous opportunities for lenders, provided they can navigate the tight supply of new homes. Customized data and analysis from MortgagePro, developed by Metrostudy, utilizes proprietary survey research cross-referenced with public data to give lenders a critical advantage in locating and targeting new areas
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  • Lenders concoct new loans for nontraditional borrowers

    Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers get an origination refresh
    Nontraditional income earners are becoming increasingly mainstream, particularly among Millennials, who, compared to their parents and grandparents, move from job to job a lot more, are more likely to be independent contractors and may lack a solid credit profile.
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  • Calyx expands service to give mortgage lenders 'broadest view'

    Origination clients can now see all loan options in one place
    Paper may be a thing of the past as one software company creates a way to apply for, see and compare all loan options online. Dennis Boggs, executive vice president, CalyxSoftware said: "Our product and pricing engine gives originators the broadest view of what is available."
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    Putting skin in the game

    Can rising rates loosen lending standards? Well, first, rates have to rise...
    According to Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey for August, lenders anticipate interest rates rising steadily in the coming months and expect an even bigger and concurrent reduction in mortgage loan demand. Will that reduced demand drive lenders to loosen credit standards?
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