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  • Wages increase for recent college graduates

    Is homeownership close behind?
    More college graduates are now able to afford housing, according to a new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The idea that college graduates are doomed to work in coffee shops is fading away, as people with college degrees start to fare better than those without.
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  • Making Sense of the Jobs Picture? (Good Luck.)

    I’m going to spend today focusing in on one of the most classic drivers of residential mortgage defaults: job loss. It’s clearly an issue for most of us in the United States, with unemployment hovering around 10 percent for the past few months now. Like most things in the world of statistics, however, numbers aren’t always what they seem -- and this is especially true of our nation’s unemployment statistics.
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  • Half Out of Work in Small Illinois Town

    Housingwire recently reported that the unemployment rate crossed the 10% barrier, and readers pointed out that the figure wasn’t high enough by some measurements. In most reports unemployment statistics come from the U-3 numbers calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Often missing from these reports is the U-6 unemployment curve, which measures the amount of workers who are underemployed. The U-6 number hit 17.5% in October.
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