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  • Home for sale gets Twitter handle

    Leave it to Silicon Valley to come up with a new idea for a struggling housing market desperate to revive the American Dream. Jen O'Neal, with the help of her sister, decided to give the house their parents are selling a voice on Twitter. For those living under a rock, Twitter allows fleeting posts of 140 characters or less. It is arguably the furthest thing from interacting with a live, chatty real estate agent.
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  • Disposing of the GSEs and reviving private securitization

    Last week, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Federal Reserve System sponsored a two-day symposium: “Mortgages and the Future of Housing Finance.” This is the second of my eye-witness reports on the event, where two topics dominated: what to do with the government-sponsored enterprises and how to get private lenders get back in the game. Although the proceedings were dominated by the discussion of academic papers delivered by economists with doctorate degrees, the symposium was extremely well attended.
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