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  • Stevens: Legislation is the only cure for the industry's false sense of security

    New leaders at FHFA, CFPB could change things drastically
    “What happens if the president nominates a new director who thinks the government role in mortgage finance is too large and wants to scale it back?” MBA Chairman David Stevens asked. “The answer is that it could affect everything from g-fees to loan limits. Credit policy could change which would impact the QM patch and confidence in the rule as it works today. Even the level playing field in pricing and credit terms could change as there is nothing – locked in."
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  • From HW Magazine

    REITs riding high

    But for how long?
    Feared rate increases are likely to come slowly given the general slowdown in global economic growth, which means even the less diversified REITs could still have a good run for the immediate future.
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  • What did servicers care about in 2013?

    Loan transfers, asset sell-offs, new rules and massive legal settlements
    If servicers thought the robo-signing crisis of 2010 kept them from moving forward at a robust pace, then 2013 for all intents and purposes was the year for the servicing side to heal old wounds.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Balance of power

    Lending in today's regulatory atmosphere
    When the housing crisis began, the federal government took measures to stabilize the real estate finance markets, ensure ongoing liquidity and prevent further losses. Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act that put many of these measures in place, including the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and statutory requirements for federal regulators to create and enforce new regulations to protect consumers and ensure a crisis of this proportion was never allowed to occur again
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