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  • Real estate startup ZeroDown secures $100 million to buy San Francisco homes for its customers

    Buys chosen property, asks no down payment, and leases property to customer
    Real estate startup ZeroDown, which launched earlier this year, boasts a unique business model. Aiming to help more people become homeowners in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area, the company removes several of the largest hurdles from the homebuying process, namely the down payment and mortgage, and buys homes for its customers outright. When the company launched in June, it had $30 million in its coffers, and now, the company is ready to expand after securing $100 million in debt financing from Credit Suisse.
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  • Home sellers beware, bidding wars are becoming a thing of the past

    But will things heat up now that mortgage rates have fallen?
    Competition among homebuyers is easing in nearly every market across the country, according to new data from Redfin, which shows that only 11.2% of purchase offers made on its site faced a bidding war in July. This is down significantly from last year’s rate of 45%, highlighting a continual easing of competition.
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  • Real estate startup ZeroDown will help you buy a house in San Francisco with no down payment

    Startup launches with $30 million in funding
    It’s fairly well known at this point that San Francisco is one of the country’s (if not the world’s) craziest housing markets. Houses there are incredibly expensive, and only getting more so. Heck, even ramshackle San Francisco shacks are listed for $2.5 million. But, now, there’s a way for people to buy a house in San Francisco for as much as $1.75 million with no down payment.
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  • San Francisco's housing market heats up as tech IPOs move in

    35% of Redfin offers made in San Francisco faced a bidding war in May
    Although bidding wars are slowing as the housing market continues to cool, new data from Redfin suggests that San Francisco's housing market is heating back up. Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather said recent tech IPOs have reignited competition in the metro.
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  • Redfin: Tech IPOs could contribute to wealth inequality in San Francisco's housing market

    Tech IPOs projected to push homeownership further out of reach of residents
    A new wave of tech IPOs are projected to heat up San Francisco’s housing market, but will they push homeownership further out of reach for its residents? Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather said their presence could ultimately contribute to wealth inequality in the area.
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  • Redfin: San Francisco’s IPO wealth likely to drive home price growth

    With Lyft’s IPO wealth, employees could purchase every single home for sale with cash
    Although home price appreciation has slowed across the country, new data from Redfin suggests San Francisco’s housing market is likely to reverse course. According to the company’s analysis, this rebound will be driven primarily by anticipated growth in the city’s IPO wealth.
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  • Is San Francisco the world's most expensive rental market?

    Yeah, actually, it is. Are you surprised?
    We all know housing is crazy expensive in California, but is San Francisco the most expensive place to rent in the world? According to apartment search site Zumper, it is. Read on to see just how expensive the West Coast market is compared with the rest of the world.
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