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  • Trulia friends Facebook to become real estate agent's BFF

    Back in the day, professionals used to keep their business separate from their social lives. That's not the case anymore. In fact, with Trulia's new Facebook Connect feature, real estate professionals no longer have to make any distinction between their professional versus not-professional networks. Beginning Friday, real estate agents and brokers signed up with Trulia can link their online portfolios to Facebook and "expand their footprint and drive more inquiries" to their business.
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  • Breaking mortgage news via the Twitterati

    I remember working in New York as part of a news team covering the mortgage space during the historic refinance boom in the early years of this century. Working in that bullpen was electric. When news would break in one corner of the office, you could watch it travel over the cube walls as it made it's way across the room. In the far corner of the room, a row of television monitors hung close to the ceiling, giving us a window into the coverage provided by the cable news programs. Of course, their content was a bit different back in those days.
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  • Time for the Mortgage Industry to Get Social

    I think the mortgage industry is finally moving toward the social media tools that other industries have been finding so useful over the past couple of years. I know this because I can hear them kicking and screaming. I’ll admit that the conservative banking industry probably deserved to be among the last to the party, but it’s been going on for some time now and if mortgage lenders are going to get any benefit out of the new media tools and social networking websites that are all the rage, now is the time to get moving.
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