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  • Home for sale gets Twitter handle

    Leave it to Silicon Valley to come up with a new idea for a struggling housing market desperate to revive the American Dream. Jen O'Neal, with the help of her sister, decided to give the house their parents are selling a voice on Twitter. For those living under a rock, Twitter allows fleeting posts of 140 characters or less. It is arguably the furthest thing from interacting with a live, chatty real estate agent.
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  • Breaking mortgage news via the Twitterati

    I remember working in New York as part of a news team covering the mortgage space during the historic refinance boom in the early years of this century. Working in that bullpen was electric. When news would break in one corner of the office, you could watch it travel over the cube walls as it made it's way across the room. In the far corner of the room, a row of television monitors hung close to the ceiling, giving us a window into the coverage provided by the cable news programs. Of course, their content was a bit different back in those days.
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  • HW, on Twitter

    Do you use Twitter? If you do -- drum roll, please -- @housingwire is now up and running, feeding fresh HW news and views via tweets in real-time. Give us a follow and make us feel at least a little special. (We sorta live off that feeling over here.) If you don't know what Twitter is, BTW, you might want to read this.
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