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  • Bernie Sanders wants to break up the nation’s biggest banks (again)

    Sanders repeats campaign call to break up big banks
    Back when he was a presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, called for sweeping reforms to the nation’s financial system, including breaking up the big banks. And now, he's at it again. On Wednesday, Sanders announced that he is introducing the “Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act,” which would break up JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.
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  • Warren, Sanders, other senators want answers from auditor KPMG on Wells Fargo

    Senators question whether auditor knew of fake accounts
    Wells Fargo is still answering for the more than 2 million fake accounts that 5,000 of the bank’s former employees opened in order to get sales bonuses, but now, a group of senators want to know if the bank’s auditor knew about the fake accounts too and whether the auditor did anything about it.
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  • Bernie Sanders: Wells Fargo's business model is fraud

    Vermont senator joins Elizabeth Warren in skewering megabank
    In what some might consider as much of a foregone conclusion as when Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, expectedly lambasted Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf when given the chance, Sen. Bernie Sanders took to the internet this week to share his views of Wells Fargo, and let’s just say the former Democratic presidential candidate isn’t a fan of the megabank either.
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  • Housing experts fear impact of Trump, Sanders presidency

    Zillow survey shows experts bullish on Clinton; not so much on Trump, Sanders
    Regardless of who wins in November, whether its presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or Sen. Bernie Sanders, the next president will have an impact on housing. But just what kind of impact? According to a new Zillow survey, housing experts are concerned more by the prospect of a President Trump or a President Sanders.
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  • Bernie Sanders hints at Elizabeth Warren as potential VP

    Doomsday scenario for Wall Street?
    While the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders may be facing some mounting odds, Sanders is still a viable and active candidate, and still has at least a theoretical chance of winning in November. And while his odds may be long, that isn't stopping Sanders from floating a name of a potential running mate that would send a serious shiver down the collective spine of Wall Street – Elizabeth Warren.
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  • Bernie Sanders announces sweeping housing agenda

    Wants expansion of HUD programs, credit score reform, 'reinvigoration' of HARP
    Say what you will about the Democratic candidates for president (and many do, often with good reason), but at least they are talking housing in 2016. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton released her full economic agenda, which included several major housing reforms. Now, Bernie Sanders is joining Clinton in releasing his own housing agenda, which includes expanding HUD programs, reforming credit scoring and other proposals.
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  • Progressives using HUD NPL sales to disqualify Castro as Democratic VP nominee

    Fighting within Democratic Party leads to attacks on HUD Secretary
    The in-fighting over the Democratic Party's 2016 nominee for President suddenly placed HUD Secretary Julián Castro in the crossfire. Now, a cadre of progressive groups are targeting Castro in an attempt to disqualify him as Hillary Clinton’s potential nominee, and using HUD’s practice of selling non-performing loans to private investors as their weapon.
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  • The other White House goes up for sale

    A smaller replica now on the market
    Most everyone knows where the first White House is located, but do they know where the second one is? It is now going on the market so that anyone (who has a few million dollars to spend) can live like a president.
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  • Nevada foreclosure crisis hurting Clinton, Sanders' efforts to get votes

    With Democratic caucus approaching, candidates' voter lists insufficient
    With the Nevada Presidential caucuses looming, the two major candidates for the Democratic nomination are struggling to contact potential voters thanks to voter lists that are out of date and insufficient due to the deep impact of the foreclosure crisis in the state.
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