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  • Redfin: Americans are on the move, here's where they're headed

    The number of Americans migrating across housing markets reaches a record high
    In the beginning of 2019, the number of Americans expressing interest in relocating to a new housing market rose to 25%, according to Redfin’s Migration Report. Notably, Redfin’s report revealed Phoenix was named this quarter’s top migration destination.
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  • WSJ: Mark Zuckerberg's "secret deal" for $59 million Lake Tahoe compound

    Facebook CEO buys neighboring estates with private docks
    Mark Zuckerberg secretly purchased two neighboring estates to assemble a compound on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe for a combined $59 million, The Wall Street Journal reported. Ironically, two days before the story broke, Zuckerberg spoke at a Facebook conference while standing in front of a giant screen emblazoned: "The future is private."
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  • Ben Carson bashes "imaginary belief" that HUD aims to dismantle fair housing protections

    Responds to WaPo editorial calling HUD's Facebook charges "curious"
    Ben Carson said his critics have it all wrong – he is not trying to unravel the fair housing rules put into play by the Obama administration, he is trying to uphold them. This is the gist of a heated response that the HUD secretary wrote to an op-ed penned recently by The Washington Post's editorial board, which suggested HUD's recent action against Facebook is fueled by an ulterior motive.
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  • MarketWatch scenario: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as a real estate agent

    A humorous take on Facebook’s expansion in housing marketing
    The story included a photo that was edited to put Zuck’s smiling face on the body of an agent wearing khaki pants topped with a long-sleeve shirt and tie. (Does Zuck even own a pair of khaki pants?) He’s standing in front of a house for sale, and he has a nametag that says: “Hello. My name is Mark.”
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  • CNN: More than 540 million Facebook records exposed for public download

    Data included passwords for 22,000 users
    Software developers stored more than 540 million records containing private data of Facebook users in a way that allowed public download, according to CNN. The number of users whose data was compromised is not yet clear. The records included passwords, comments, likes, reactions, account names, and other data.
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  • HUD charges Facebook with housing discrimination over targeted ads

    Alleges social media giant enabled advertisers to discriminate based on protected traits
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Thursday that it has charged Facebook with violating the Fair Housing Act by enabling advertisers to choose who could view their ads on the social media site. According to HUD, Facebook enabled real estate companies to unlawfully discriminate against users by choosing who could view their ads based on race, nationality, religion, color, familial status, sex and disability, using machine learning to unfairly classify users.
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  • [Pulse] What the housing industry needs to know about Facebook's latest moves

    The social media giant has 3 new strategies in play, and they will affect everyone in housing
    Last week, Facebook changed its ad policies to comply with anti-discrimination laws, and the move has broad implications for all of us in consumer finance and housing. But that's just one of three important strategy shifts the social media giant has made lately, and all are likely to impact those in the housing world. Here's what you need to know, and how you can adjust your processes to benefit.
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  • Facebook making massive changes to ad platform after being accused of enabling housing discrimination

    Fair housing groups spur changes to housing, employment, lending ads
    Facebook is making significant changes to its advertising platform after the social media monolith was accused of enabling discrimination in housing, employment, and lending. The changes come after years of scrutiny into Facebook's ad practices, which appeared to allow advertisers to purposefully exclude certain people from seeing housing, employment, or lending ads.
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