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  • Facebook launches massive push into real estate listings

    New feature also “rolling out gradually” for home sales
    Zillow. Trulia. Redfin. All household names in the real estate listings world, right? Well, those companies now have some serious competition from a company that boasts an audience that dwarfs all of those sites put together – Facebook. That’s right. Facebook is coming to real estate listings.
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  • Zillow CEO responds to new competition from Facebook and Amazon

    What do you see coming from these competitors?
    As one of the largest players in online real estate listings, Zillow is watching its list of competitors rapidly grow with more and more companies eyeing the potential in the real estate market. But the small moves from others in the industry to take some of Zillow’s long-standing dominance isn’t enough to scare the CEO. Here’s what Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow Group, has to say on the matter.
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  • Is Facebook going head to head with Zillow for listings?

    Company claims to be “betting big” on real estate with new ad campaign
    Tech giants continue to slide into the housing space. The latest appears to be Facebook, which has ventured into Zillow’s territory, launching a new ad campaign designed specifically for real estate professionals to market their listings. Facebook explained that real estate is an area it is betting big on. However, it’s unclear how this new move will affect its current relationship with Zillow.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Facebook ends easy racial discrimination in housing ads

    Trump chooses possible cabinet members
    After Facebook recently came under fire for allowing racial discrimination in its housing ads, it is now fixing the problem. Also, as the new administration takes over, President-elect Donald Trump seeks to fill his cabinet. Here are his top choices. And look out New York – more regulation could be coming your way.
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  • Does Facebook customization option enable illegal housing discrimination ads?

    Select who you want to advertise to…and who you don’t
    New reporting by ProPublica shows that Facebook could allow advertisers to specifically target — or exclude — certain ethnic groups under a customization option. While some groups are calling the company out for this, Facebook insists it has done nothing wrong, and that it even takes action against ads that are illegal under the Fair Housing Act.
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  • A social media guide for LOs and real estate agents to be successful

    The do’s and don’ts on social media presence
    When Millennials start doing their research online to buy a home, they will look to the individual employee’s social media presence and customer reviews - not the company’s. This highlights the importance of the social media presence of loan officers and real estate agents in order to be successful and competitive in the market. Here is a list of “do’s and don’ts” for employees to follow.
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