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  • REITs eye opportunities in the mortgage market as government pulls back

    Real estate investment trusts are beefing up their mortgage-bond portfolios, WSJ says
    Real estate investment trusts have not typically been huge participants in the housing finance market, but it seems the tide is quickly turning. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, mortgage REITs have beefed up their mortgage-bond portfolios by nearly 28% year over year as of March, boosting their total collective investment to $308 billion.
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  • Day one: The beginning of the new S&P REIT stock launch

    Bloomberg chart shows impact to exchange-traded fund investors
    Today, September 1, 2016, marks the first shake-up of the S&P 500 Index in nearly two decades. Although this is a major move for the market and investors, this doesn’t change the intrinsic value of any share of stock. The people it does impact a lot: owners of exchange-traded funds.
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  • Real estate stocks get S&P shortlist for investors

    REITs say so long to lumpy financial classification
    Real estate investment trusts are saying so long to being bundled with "financials" in their industry classification, getting their own new category called, no shocker here, "real estate." Investors demand is expected to surge. Ready. Set. Go.
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  • Mortgage REIT stocks on the rise?

    Some, but not all, appreciation in the double digits
    Although some areas fared better than others, overall REITs seem to be on the rise, with some making stock gains even in the double digits. But, as with all stocks, be careful on what you pick.
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  • REIT executives served with grand jury subpoenas

    UDF facing a federal investigation
    After the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided residential finance and investment firm United Development Funding, executives were reportedly served grand jury subpoenas to provide documents related to the operations of the firm.
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  • Two Harbors net income collapsing

    Falls from $532 million in 2013 to only $10.5 million in 2014
    On the other hand, the company’s comprehensive income, which factors in unrealized gains on available-for-sale securities, is up nearly 276% year-over-year, rising from $101.89 million in 2013 to $383.41 million in 2014.
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  • New Residential clocks 27% return on MSR investments

    Will put more money into mortgage servicing
    New Residential CEO: "We remain confident that 2014 will be a favorable year for MSR transactions. Large banks will likely continue to sell high-touch servicing, while higher interest rates and a better economic backdrop could further improve MSR values."
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  • HW 30, REITs go through the wringer

    REITs feel added pressure from negative investor sentiment
    Real estate investment trust stocks stayed level after recording a steady decline Monday morning due to reports of negative investor sentiment. The rest of the HW 30 did not fare much better, with a majority of the stocks landing in the red.
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