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  • From HW Magazine

    2019 HW Tech100 winner: First American

    Continues to invest in technology
    First American Mortgage Solutions continues to invest in technology, data optimization and the modernization of our end-to-end solutions spanning the mortgage loan spectrum.
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  • Declining mortgage rates champion home-buying power, but for how long?

    Home prices decreased 1.9% in January
    In January 2019, home prices retreated 1.9%, but increased 7% year over year, according to First American's Real House Price Index. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said moderating home prices, in conjunction with gains in household income and declining mortgage rates, boosted affordability for potential home buyers.
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  • First American: Dwindling inventory threatens potential home sales growth

    Market potential for existing-home sales retreats by 2.9%, totaling a loss of 153,000 sales
    Although potential existing-home sales rose marginally in February, a lack of inventory now threatens future growth, according to First American's Potential Home Sales Model. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said the housing market continues to underperform its potential, but shows signs of promise leading into the spring home-buying season.
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  • Housing starts heat up in January, climb whopping 18.6%

    Housing starts increase to 1.23 million in January
    Housing starts significantly heated up in January, according to the latest report from the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said the 18.6% monthly increase in housing starts reflects rising consumer sentiment and builder confidence.
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  • Are Americans turning their backs on homeownership?

    Survey says affordability is a major deterrence, especially for Millennials
    Homeownership has long been perceived as an essential part of the American dream, but is a lack of affordability weakening demand? A new report from Bankrate indicates that 44% of homeowners say they regret their home purchases, citing affordability as a major concern.
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  • First American: Mortgage fraud risk climbs 4.6% in January

    Rise attributed to a plunge in mortgage rates and spike in applications
    In January, declining rates championed an acceleration in defect risk, according to the latest First American Loan Application Defect Index. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said January marks the fifth consecutive month that defect risk in purchase transactions has risen.
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  • First American: Home buying power sees largest monthly gain in more than five years

    Home prices increased 2.4% in December
    In December home prices moved forward 2.4%, rising 11.8 % year over year, according to First American’s Real House Price Index. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said while housing affordability in 2018 fared poorly in comparison to 2017, the year finished strong in December thanks to declining mortgage interest rates.
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  • First American, Old Republic Title bringing blockchain to title insurance

    Old Republic will use First American-designed blockchain solution
    Two of the biggest names in title insurance are joining together to bring blockchain to the title insurance industry. First American Financial announced Wednesday that it is launching a shared blockchain system to be used in the title insurance process. And the first company to sign on to use First American’s blockchain system is Old Republic Title Insurance Group, the nation’s third largest title insurance underwriter.
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  • Experts: Housing starts signal trouble ahead

    Inventory and affordability concerns create supply and demand stalemate
    In October, growth in housing starts was propelled by development in the multifamily sector, but some experts are warning that there could be trouble ahead for the housing market. In fact, several believe that affordability and inventory concerns are contributing to a turn in the market, negatively impacting homebuilder confidence.
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