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  • First American completes acquisition of BofA lien release business

    Will provide lien release services for bank
    First American Financial Corp., a provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions, announced Thursday the completion its acquisition of Bank of America’s lien release business. The major deal makes Bank of America’s lien release business and its employees part of First American’s mortgage solutions division.
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  • Economics panel: "No reason the current homeowner today will want to sell"

    Affordability could plummet in 2018
    During a panel at the CoreLogic and Urban Institute Housing Finance conference, CoreLogic’s chief economist forecasted home prices will rise as interest rates continue to increase over the next few years, making housing affordability a challenge for many prospective buyers. But one economist questions if homeowners will even want to sell in the first place.
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  • First American: Quantitative un-easing to further affordability constraints

    Supply levels decreased affordability in July
    In July, rising rates and rapid price appreciation driven by the lack of housing supply caused affordability to decline. But while low supply could continue to decrease affordability, the latest First American Real House Price Index points out there is another factor that could bring affordability down in the coming months – quantitative un-easing.
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  • From HW Magazine

    DataTree delivers innovative real estate Data as a Service solution

    Advanced platform provides access to expanded sources of real estate data
    DataTree technology makes it simple for any user in any mortgage lending or servicing role to work better and faster by harnessing the power of the industry’s largest property ownership database, plus information that’s been amassed from more than 6 billion recorded real estate documents. 
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  • Mortgage industry stalwart Dale Dykema dies at 87

    Ran TD Service Financial Corporation from 1964-2016
    Mortgage industry veteran Dale Dykema, who ran California-based TD Service Financial Corp. for more than 50 years, died on the Fourth of July at the age of 87. Dykema led the company until last year, when First American Financial Corp. acquired TD Service and several of its subsidiaries. For much more on Dykema's life and career, click the headline above.
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