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  • Black Knight unveils end-to-end digital mortgage solution

    LoanSphere Expedite Close supports lenders, settlement agents, Realtors, investors
    Black Knight, which already facilitates much of the real estate transaction with its loan origination and servicing systems, is set to unveil an end-to-end digital mortgage solution that the company claims is well beyond all other eClosing or eMortgage platforms.
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  • 2018: The year of the title company

    Why real estate professionals can’t afford to continue with business as usual
    The real estate industry made significant movement this year toward improved communications between all the professionals and consumers that are required for a property sale. At the core of this is a concerted effort by the title industry to apply technology to modernize and upgrade the closing process.
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  • Avoid the Folsom Prison blues: Why eNote adoption is on the rise

    Hampered by uncertainty and misunderstanding
    [Exclusive Op-ed from MERS] Make bad decisions and you’ll be left behind - this theme is driving a quiet surge within the mortgage industry to move primary mortgage origination to a completely digital consumer experience. However, despite these clear benefits, eNote adoption has been hampered by uncertainty and misunderstanding.
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  • Docutech and Simplifile partner to digitize mortgage process

    Combination allows for eClosing, eSign, eNotarize, and eRecord
    Docutech, a provider of document and compliance technology for mortgage, home equity and consumer lending, and Simplifile, a network for connecting lenders, settlement agents and county recording offices, announced an agreement that move the digital mortgage revolution another step forward.
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  • The case for the fully digital mortgage

    Take it one step at a time
    [Expert commentary] I call today upon our industry to work even harder to make the fully digital mortgage a reality. While there are risks to changing the way we originate, record and transfer mortgage loans, the benefits far outweigh those risks. It’s in the consumer’s best interest, and in our best interests as well.
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  • Pavaso helps Nevada welcome first residential hybrid eClosings

    Plus, program for eNotarization underway
    Nevada is the latest state to welcome residential hybrid eClosings, partnering with mortgage technology provider Pavaso to help three Nevada residents in their closings. While this isn’t the first hybrind eClosing, each state’s individual legislation requirements makes it notable when a new state completes an eClosing. Check out how Nevada made it possible.
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  • Freddie Mac officially gives approval to four eMortgage vendors

    Plus two more get provisional approval
    The industry is quickly evolving to go more digital, and Freddie Mac is right there with it to assist in the change. The GSE published an official list of approved eMortgage vendors to better streamline the mortgage process and to help encourage the use of digital mortgages. For anyone looking to go digital, check out this latest list.
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  • International Document Services goes eMortgage with Encomia acquisition

    Vendor provides eClosing, eVault, eSignature and eValidation services
    International Document Services, a provider of mortgage documents and compliance services, is expanding its electronic mortgage options and going full eMortgage with the acquisition of Encomia, a provider of eMortgage solutions to depository and non-depository lending institutions.
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