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  • Mortgage REIT merger: Two Harbors acquiring CYS Investments

    Companies plot expansion into agency RMBS
    Nearly two years ago, Two Harbors Investment Corp., a mortgage REIT, shuttered its mortgage securitization business, wherein the company bought jumbo mortgages and securitized them. And now, the company is preparing to expand its agency RMBS business by acquiring CYS Investments, a fellow mortgage REIT that specializes in investing in agency RMBS backed by fixed-rate single-family residential mortgage loans, adjustable-rate mortgages and hybrid ARMs.
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  • Two Harbors bailing on jumbo bonds already impacting mortgage market

    Ripple effect already takes down one jumbo originator, for now
    Two Harbors Investment Corp. shocked the mortgage industry Thursday when it announced that it planned to shutter its mortgage loan conduit and securitization business. But what about the loan originators that turned to Two Harbors to buy jumbo loans? What happens to them now that there’s one less buyer and securitizer of jumbo mortgages in the market?
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  • Two Harbors gives up securitization business

    Also abandons mortgage loan conduit business
    Once a prominent feature of the secondary mortgage market, prime jumbo residential-mortgage backed securities fell out of favor in the aftermath of the housing crisis. While the post-crisis figures paled in comparison to the pre-crisis days, there are still a number of companies actively issuing prime jumbo RMBS deals. But now, there’s one less.
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  • Two Harbors bringing $294 million jumbo RMBS to market

    Second Agate Bay offering of 2015
    Agate Bay Mortgage Trust 2015-2 is backed by 400 loans with a total principal balance of $294 million and an average loan balance of $736,131. DBRS issued a presale report for the offering and awarded more than $276 million in AAA ratings to the offering.
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  • From HW Magazine

    REITs riding high

    But for how long?
    Feared rate increases are likely to come slowly given the general slowdown in global economic growth, which means even the less diversified REITs could still have a good run for the immediate future.
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  • Two Harbors launching this year's first jumbo RMBS

    $279.5 million offering receives AAA ratings
    Agate Bay Mortgage Trust 2015-1 is backed by 406 loans with a total principal balance of $279,487,083 and an average loan balance of $688,392. Fitch Ratings and DBRS both issued presale reports for the offering and both awarded nearly $260 million in AAA ratings to the offering.
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  • Two Harbors reverses trend and posts profit

    Reports net income of $193.59 million in third quarter
    For the year, Two Harbors recorded a net income of $204.1 million, down from $339.63 million in the first three quarters of 2013. But the third quarter of 2014 saw a massive reversal over the second quarter, when the company’s net income as down from $532.35 million in the first two quarters of 2013 to $10.51 million in the same period of 2014, a drop of more than 98%.
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  • Two Harbors unveils fourth jumbo RMBS

    $356.33 million securitization receives AAA ratings from DBRS
    DBRS cites the high quality of the underlying loans as a strength of the deal. “This transaction exhibits high-quality credit attributes, such as low loan-to-value ratios, strong borrower credit and full documentation on substantially all loans,” DBRS writes in its presale report.
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  • Two Harbors bringing another jumbo RMBS to market

    $374.34 million securitization receives AAA ratings from DBRS
    Two Harbors is set to bring its third Agate Bay securitization to market, in the form of Agate Bay Mortgage Trust 2014-2. The $374.34 million RMBS is backed by 543 loans with an average loan balance of $689,393.
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  • Two Harbors net income collapsing

    Falls from $532 million in 2013 to only $10.5 million in 2014
    On the other hand, the company’s comprehensive income, which factors in unrealized gains on available-for-sale securities, is up nearly 276% year-over-year, rising from $101.89 million in 2013 to $383.41 million in 2014.
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