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  • Participation Rates Increasing for Older Workers

    The work force participation rates for workers over the age of 55 has been steadily increasing since the mid-nineties.    According to data from Calculated Risk, the percentage of workers over the age of 55 participating in the work force was at 40.2% in August.  During the same period as the older workers percentage has been increasing, the percentage of younger workers has been declining.  In early 2009, the participation rate for workers 16 to 19 fell below the percentage of those over 55, and stands at 34.5% as of August.  Additionally, the rate for workers aged 20 to
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  • Older Workers Reach Record High

    According to a report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, the proportion of individuals who continue to work after age 55 has reached a record high.  Data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that the percentage of workers aged 55 or older has increased from a low in 1993 of 29.4 percent to 40.2 percent in 2010.   Older women who continue to work has seen a steady increase since 1993.  Staying in the 22 to 23 percent range from 1975 to 1993, increasing to 35.1 in 2010 For men, the percentage fell from a high of 49.3. percent
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