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  • Report: Hispanic household wealth continues to climb

    But politics threaten long-term commitment
    Financial investments are accelerating among the U.S. Hispanic population, but today's current political climate is causing hesitation about long-term financial commitments, according to the Hispanic Wealth Project's 2018 annual report.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Start of year sees strongest home price growth since 2005

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hispanic homeownership is booming
    Home prices increased at the start of 2018 at its fastest rate since 2005. One metro, in fact, had an annual home price growth higher than the median home price in most U.S. metros. Also, did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend? Here’s a quick history lesson and the current state of Hispanics in housing and the U.S. economy.
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  • Here are Q1 2018's homeownership drivers

    Hispanics, Millennials, vacancies
    The homeownership rate was not statistically different from last year in the first quarter of 2018. That said, the homeownership rate did increase slightly, in some demographics more than others, and these were some of the driving factors.
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  • Number of multigenerational households hit all-time high

    Surge to 20% of U.S. population
    The share of Americans living in multigenerational households, homes with two or more adult generations, hit an all-time high in 2016. And while some demographics are more likely than others to live in multigen households than others, the trend is growing in nearly all groups.
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  • Homeownership rate reaches highest level in three years

    But remains historically low
    The national homeownership rate reached its highest level since the fourth quarter of 2014, but while the rate has been steadily rising since 2016, it still remains historically low. But there is one population which stands above the rest with its homeownership rate increase.
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  • Hispanic homeownership rate surged in 2016

    Only ethnic demographic to increase homeownership rate
    The homeownership rate among Hispanics ticked up even while other ethnic demographics saw a decrease. The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals explains some of the factors causing the increase among Hispanics.
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  • 3 things banks should do to help eliminate payday lending

    And 3 ways enduring distrust impacts low-income communities
    Millions of Americans do not use banks, either for lack of access, trust, knowledge or many other reasons. The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland put out a statement showing what both banks and communities could do to bridge the gap and grow this auxiliary economy.
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  • [Webinar] Hispanics want to own homes, but are lenders ready?

    Get exclusive information on Hispennials
    According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, there will be nearly 6 million more Hispanic households in 2024 than in 2014. Do you have the right tools and procedures in place to meet the needs of this diverse group of borrowers? These three expert panelists will fill in the gaps.
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