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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Start of year sees strongest home price growth since 2005

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hispanic homeownership is booming
    Home prices increased at the start of 2018 at its fastest rate since 2005. One metro, in fact, had an annual home price growth higher than the median home price in most U.S. metros. Also, did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend? Here’s a quick history lesson and the current state of Hispanics in housing and the U.S. economy.
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  • Hispanic community continues to drive homeownership growth

    But here’s what’s still holding them back
    The Hispanic community continues to drive homeownership growth in the U.S. In fact, Hispanics became the only demographic to have increased their homeownership rate for the last three consecutive years. However, several factors are still holding them back from further homeownership gains.
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  • From HW Magazine

    August Kudos: Celebrating milestones, launches and awards in the mortgage industry

    Movement Mortgage, PrimeLending, New American Funding and more
    Wintrust Mortgage is partnering with Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity to build more affordable housing in the Chicago area. Wintrust will provide $40 million in below market rate mortgages for affordable housing. The investment will finance about 250 homes for Habitat for Humanity over the next four years.
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  • New American Funding commits to increasing Hispanic homeownership

    Looks to achieve 50% homeownership rate
    New American Funding announced its new commitment with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals to work towards increasing the Hispanic homeownership rate. This commitment ranges, from offering more Hispanics mortgages, to hiring and training those without experience to become mortgage professionals.
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  • Can Hispanic homeownership finally boom under the Trump administration?

    Hispanics stand to gain the most from new administration’s policies
    The current administration’s policies could be the best thing that could happen for Hispanics working toward homeownership. While other groups continue to see diminishing homeownership rates, Hispanic homeownership rates are on the rise, but remain significantly lower than rates among other ethnicities.
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  • NAHREP stands behind Mortgage Banker Association proposition for GSE reform

    Pleased with MBA’s attention to affordable housing
    The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals issued a statement supporting the Mortgage Bankers Association’s proposal for GSE reform. NAHREP stressed that it supported the MBA’s focus on affordable housing, which would help Hispanics who make up 40% of the U.S. first-time homebuyer population.
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  • Lending to Hispanics – a whole new ballgame

    Speakers at NAHREP conference explain the knowledge gaps
    When it comes to lending to Hispanics – non-Hispanic lenders are out of their league as they struggle to serve a community they don’t understand. From dealing with a credit-invisible population to navigating the diverse family demographics, Hispanics don’t fit the usual mold for mortgage lending.
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  • Meet today's driving force behind homeownership rates: Hispanics

    This demographic accounts for 75% of recent homeownership growth
    Industry professionals gathered to talk about the state of Hispanic homeownership in the U.S. at the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals’ 2017 policy conference. As it turns out, Hispanics are currently the driving force in today’s homeownership rate.
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  • Hispanic homeownership rate surged in 2016

    Only ethnic demographic to increase homeownership rate
    The homeownership rate among Hispanics ticked up even while other ethnic demographics saw a decrease. The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals explains some of the factors causing the increase among Hispanics.
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