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  • Bloomberg Discovers the REO Industry

    A piece today at Bloomberg co-authored by Bob Ivry marks the financial news outlet's "come to Jesus" moment with the REO industry, and reading it is certainly amusing for anyone that's actually spent time working in the space. (BTW, Bob, if you're ever doing another story on this, we're here for you on background.) The crux of the article, however, lies here:
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  • Williams & Williams Looking to Buy Bulk REO -- Will it Work?

    I realize I'm being somewhat cynical today -- must be something in my coffee -- but I read this press release from auction firm Williams & Williams today, touting that the company is looking to buy bulk REO portfolios from lenders. The company's logic behind this move is outlined by the W&W CEO in the press release:
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  • Old-Hand Auctioneer Goes Digital, Drives Real Estate Auctions into U.S. Mainstream

    Williams & Williams, one of the nation's oldest and largest real estate auction firms, said today that a number of recent online moves have helped the firm double its sales volume in the past year, as real estate auctions gain momentum with U.S. consumers as a viable sales alternative. The venerable real estate auction company, boasting more than 100 years in the business, recently launched a new consumer-focused web site for its U.S. auctions. Through partnerships with online giants including Google, and, the auctioneer provides integrated mapping, online valuation and even online bidding.
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  • RealtyTrac to Offer Auction Listings; Partners with Williams & Williams

    RealtyTrac, an online marketplace for foreclosure properties, said Tuesday it had partnered with Williams & Williams, one of the nation's largest auctioneers of U.S. foreclosed real estate, to host a national database of bank-owned property auctions. The properties, all being auctioned by Williams & Williams, will be located under a new "Auction" tab at RealtyTrac's website and updated daily.
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  • Real Estate Auctioneer Targets Borrowers in Default

    Williams & Williams, a national real estate auction firm, said Friday that it plans to launch a unique program aimed directly at consumers who find themselves in default on their mortgage payments. The Assisted Sales Auction Program (ASAP) was designed by the firm to help delinquent borrowers and their secured lenders avoid foreclosure. The auction firm said ASAP allows the property to be sold before foreclosure actually takes place and offers settlement of the debt obligations and a reduction in losses for both the lender and borrower.
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