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  • The real economic screw-ups aren't at Occupy Wall Street

    As a financial journalist, I witness the sentiment the mortgage industry feels toward movements such as Occupy Wall Street more than others. For the most part, people I work with are attempting to make the best of a bad situation. The sympathy toward Occupy protesters in the mortgage finance space, it should be told, is much stronger than anyone outside the industry likely expects.
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  • The tales data tell

    There was a time, back in the shadows of pre-recorded history, when entire societies rose and fell based on the power of their oracles. If you could toss a bag of rocks inscribed with runes or read the entrails of a sacrificed animal you were treated like a modern-day financial services analyst. And just like analysts from our own time, these godlike figures observed the same environment their patrons did — crunching the same data that was available to anyone else living at the time.
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  • Driven to distraction in 2011

    It has been my pleasure to write this column for the last year. It was my mission to use this space to explore what would come next for the mortgage lending industry, with an eye toward the technology that would power the space. Looking back over the work I've submitted, I have to admit to getting a bit distracted.
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  • Three great things at the MBA's annual conference

    The Mortgage Bankers Association's Annual Convention and Expo this year is going well. I'm very pleased with the things I'm seeing, all of which are evidence that we're moving in the right direction as an industry, however slowgoing it may feel.
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  • The best sign of economic recovery

    Experts will continue to go back and forth about the length of the downturn, whether we've hit bottom yet and how long it will take to return to pre-crash property values. The answers the experts return are bound to be fairly well distributed up and down the spectrum of possibility. I'll probably side with those who use prediction methodologies that I find useful.
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  • Surviving a mortgage data blizzard

    I get about 16 emails a week from my local public school outlining my two kids' performance in each of their 8 subjects. I like it, or at least I did, in the beginning. It was great being able to tie a statistic to actual performance so we had some ammunition during our nightly conversations about homework. Over time, we learned that the day-to-day performance statistics — whether my son was tardy or aced a quiz — had little to do with the grades we saw on the report card at the end of the quarter.
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