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  • St. Louis landlords reach $625,000 settlement over 20 years of alleged sexual harassment

    Accused of offering cheaper rent and other benefits in exchange for sexual favors
    Two St. Louis landlords will pay a fine of $625,000 and are banned from serving as property managers as part of a settlement with the Department of Justice, which accused one of the landlords of sexually harassing more than a dozen female residents over a 20-year period.
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  • HUD awards $132 million for revitalization of distressed neighborhoods

    Grants provided to Boston, Denver, St. Louis, Louisville, Camden
    Select areas in Boston; Denver; St. Louis; Louisville, Kentucky; and Camden, New Jersey are set to receive an massive influx of federal funding as the government seeks to revitalize “distressed” neighborhoods by turning dilapidated public housing units into new, mixed-income, mixed-use housing units.
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  • Study: Race still a major factor in mortgage lending

    NCRC report shows racial and income disparities in lending in St. Louis, Milwaukee
    A new study released this week by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition shows that race is still a significant factor in mortgage lending in two major U.S. metro areas. The study found that in both St. Louis and Milwaukee, more mortgage lending is done in primarily white neighborhoods compared to minority neighborhoods.
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  • Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchases massive Texas ranch listed for $725M

    It’s larger than New York City and Los Angeles combined
    Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Los Angeles Rams, made headlines recently when the NFL agreed to allow Kroenke to move the team from St. Louis to Los Angeles. But the 60 acres that Kroenke owns in Inglewood, California where the team's new stadium will be built pales in comparison to his latest purchase.
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  • St. Louis Rams sacked by real estate reality as team moves to Los Angeles

    Moving from modestly priced Midwest to high-cost California
    When the National Football League announced last week that the St. Louis Rams are moving back to Los Angeles, it seemed that everyone involved got what they wanted, except Rams’ fans in St. Louis, of course. But for those moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles with the team, they are about to take a big financial hit thanks to the vastly different costs of living from St. Louis to Los Angeles.
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  • Beige Book: A housing market divided in improvement

    Residential real estate activity varies across the board
    The twelve Federal Reserve Districts weighed in on how their individual markets are doing, painting different housing market conditions. Residential real estate activity was split between them, with sales of existing homes and construction of new homes generally expanding or holding steady in about half of the districts.
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  • 10 most dangerous cities for real estate agents

    Here's a hint: Chicago, NYC are not on the list
    Real estate agents may not be police officers or soldiers, but they still put themselves at risk when showing homes. So which cities pose the biggest threat to real estate agents? The city topping the list may surprise you.
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  • Fed may push back tapering if inflation continues

    St. Louis Fed Chairman unsure about the end of MBS purchases
    St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said low inflation remains a concern and is one the factors under scrutiny as policymakers weigh the tapering of monthly mortgage-bond purchases.
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