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  • [Pulse] Zillow execs swap seats in blatant bid to redeem investors' confidence

    Investors know they can count on Barton in turmoil
    Zillow Group announced less than two weeks ago the return of Rich Barton to replace Spencer Rascoff as CEO of the online real estate titan amid the company's audacious pivot into mortgage lending and real estate flipping. The move is a transparent plan to calm investor nerves as the company embarks on its next phase of growth.
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  • Zillow replaces CEO Spencer Rascoff with original CEO Rich Barton

    Rascoff steps down after leading company since 2010
    In what can only be categorized as a shocking development, Zillow Group announced Thursday that Spencer Rascoff is stepping down as the company’s CEO, a position he’s held since 2010. Rascoff, who helped found Zillow, took over as CEO in 2010 for Rich Barton, who served as the company’s first CEO and is also a co-founder. And Zillow isn’t looking too far to find Rascoff’s replacement, as the online real estate giant announced that Barton is returning to serve as CEO again.
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  • Zillow CEO responds to new competition from Facebook and Amazon

    What do you see coming from these competitors?
    As one of the largest players in online real estate listings, Zillow is watching its list of competitors rapidly grow with more and more companies eyeing the potential in the real estate market. But the small moves from others in the industry to take some of Zillow’s long-standing dominance isn’t enough to scare the CEO. Here’s what Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow Group, has to say on the matter.
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  • Zillow invests $10 million in virtual interior design app Hutch

    Zillow’s first investment in consumer-facing technology
    Over the last few years, whenever the Zillow Group wanted to grow, the real estate giant went the acquisition route. But for the first time, Zillow is investing in a company that it doesn’t plan to acquire, at least not yet. Zillow was the sole investor in a $10 million Series A round of funding for Hutch Interiors, a virtual interior design app.
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  • Real estate startup to Zillow CEO: We’ll sell your house for you

    Faira guarantees sale of Spencer Rascoff’s twice-discounted house
    Back a few months ago, Zillow Group CEO Spencer Rascoff put his money where his mouth is by listing a house he owned for sale – on Zillow. The listing apparently hasn’t generated quite as much interest as Rascoff hoped, despite two price cuts. Rascoff now has an unlikely ally in the sale of his house – a real estate startup that’s guaranteeing the sale of Rascoff’s house.
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  • Zillow CEO lists home for sale…on Zillow

    Want to buy one of Spencer Rascoff’s houses?
    Just in case there was any doubt about whether Zillow Group Chief Executive Officer Spencer Rascoff believes in his product, he showed Friday just how much of a Zillow-head he really is – by listing a home for sale…on Zillow.
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  • Zillow CEO: 2016 can’t come quickly enough

    Rascoff calls 2015 a “year of transition;” stock plummets on revenue projection
    In the months since Zillow first announced its plans to acquire Trulia, a chorus of industry observers questioned how quickly the once-fierce competitors would be able to integrate their businesses. According to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, 2015 is a "year of transition" and that 2016 "can't come quick enough."
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  • Zillow acquires real estate data startup Retsly

    Company’s goal is to normalize MLS data
    “Retsly’s platform will spur tremendous innovation in the real estate space, enabling developers to build software that works across MLS boundaries and without the overhead of dealing with local data formats,” said Spencer Rascoff, Zillow CEO.
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