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  • PHH vs. CFPB: Cordray won't be around to see the outcome of the case

    Will feelings toward the CFPB change with someone else in power?
    With Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray only a handful of days away from officially leaving his position, the director probably won’t be around to see the outcome of the controversial PHH vs. CFPB case. Interestingly enough, the court’s decision might have unseated him as director anyway.
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  • What does the renewed CFPB RESPA investigation into Zillow mean for our industry?

    In the end, no one can predict the CFPB
    With a steady stream of enforcement actions and regulations coming out of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the years, the industry doesn’t take the possible threat of getting a violation lightly. So with the possibility that Zillow could be violating RESPA, the industry is left to wonder what its next steps forward should be.
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  • Ballard Spahr: Here are some questions for the House to ask CFPB Director Cordray

    Expands on previous unanswered questions
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray hasn’t gone on record a lot in regards to his stance on the future of the bureau, along with his own future, despite the escalating uncertainty of both. Since the House Financial Services Committee will hold its semiannual hearing on the CFPB on April 5, Ballard Spahr came up with a list of questions that it thinks would be appropriate for committee members to ask Cordray.
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  • United States flips sides, supports PHH in case against CFPB

    Case now falls under Trump administration
    In a major, but not surprising move, the United States revealed that it now supports PHH in its landmark case against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Judging by a new motion filed by the United States, the U.S. needs a little more time to gather its thoughts on supporting PHH.
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  • From HW Magazine

    What will the mortgage industry look like with a new sheriff in town?

    Ballard Spahr partner outlines what to expect under Trump
    While other state and federal regulatory bodies overlap in their regulation of the mortgage industry, the very particular consumer focus of the CFPB is not duplicated by any other body. Will deregulation mean a return to the Wild West lending atmosphere that led to the financial crisis? What happens next? We asked John Socknat, partner at Ballard Spahr, to weigh in on what mortgage lenders and servicers can expect from a Trump administration.
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  • Court of Appeals rules that Nevada HOA liens do not supersede first mortgages

    Older version of state's laws ruled unconstitutional
    Mortgage lenders and investors needn’t worry about whether a homeowners' association super lien will be given priority over a first mortgage in the state of Nevada, at least for now. According to an alert published Monday by Ballard Spahr, the Ninth Circuit Court Appeals ruled last week that an older version of Nevada's laws, which previously gave super-priority status to HOA liens, is unconstitutional. Here's the skinny.
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  • Ballard Spahr hires real estate attorney

    Emily Vaias joins as counsel 2 of its offices
    Vaias brings not only an extensive work history to the company, but also a lifetime of community service, such as serving on various boards and offering volunteer legal services to the homeless. Here’s more on why Ballard Spahr hired her as counsel for two of its offices.
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