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  • MCS acquires EPIC Real Estate Solutions

    Expanding MCS' product line
    Mortgage Contracting Services is already a provider of property preservation, inspections, REO property maintenance and valuations for the financial services industry and is now broadening its client offerings even further. The company announced it acquired Austin, Texas-based EPIC Real Estate Solutions.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Leveraging today's technology

    Companies make a comprehensive effort to mitigate investor and regulatory risk
    The loan manufacturing process, from application through post-closing to servicing and investor delivery, has traditionally been one in which the loan file flows through a relatively linear path. Unfortunately, this path travels through individual silos of various inefficient and, thus, costly operational processes.
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  • Mortgage profit tanked in 2013

    Per-loan production expenses skyrocket in second half
    In just a year, the average profit of each loan originated by mortgage banks was sliced in half, but the year didn't start off this way. What happened?
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  • From HW Magazine

    Is the party over?

    Originators must jump higher and work harder in today's market
    David Stevens calls it a watershed year for the nation’s mortgage originators. Stevens, the head of the Mortgage Bankers Association, calls it a “systemic change” in the market. It’s one that is keeping lenders up at night, worrying about declining loan volumes, costly regulation and rising interest rates.
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  • Should the Post Office become a Too-Big-to-Fail?

    Postal banking services could reach underserved communities
    Will the day come soon when you can mail your package and take out a small loan all at the same place? The United States Postal Service presented its latest idea to help both Americans and itself financially.
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