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  • Here's how many homes are currently threatened by Hurricane Michael

    The storm has an estimated reconstruction cost value of approximately $13.4 billion
    Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall Wednesday, threatening 57,002 homes along the Florida Gulf Coast. An early analysis by CoreLogic indicates that the Category 3 storm has an estimated reconstruction cost value of approximately $13.4 billion.
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  • CoreLogic adds new feature to LoanSafe Fraud Manager

    Blended Reissue aims to simplify the transition of important information
    As concern for mortgage fraud continues to haunt the financial services industry, CoreLogic has announced a new function in its LoanSafe Fraud Manager solution. The feature, Blended Reissue, will enable investors to gain additional insight into loans they intend to purchase, reduce costs and improve efficiency of their pre-purchase reviews.
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  • Executive Conversation: Nancy Langer on breaking the real estate tax bottleneck

    CoreLogic's framework connects customers, servicers and taxing agencies for an accurate, timely process
    As digital mortgages become fully implemented, the real estate tax component represents a potential bottleneck, with many complexities involved in navigating unique real estate tax processes for the various taxing agencies. CoreLogic facilitates property tax payments with over 22,000 agencies, and has developed a framework to bridge connections among customers, servicers and taxing agencies.
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  • Average homeowner gained $16,000 in home equity in 1 year

    Report shows equity continued its climb in Q2
    As the economy strengthens, home values continue to appreciate, and that means homeowners are raking in the equity. A report released Thursday by CoreLogic showed that home equity rose 12.3% year over year in the second quarter of 2018, meaning that the average homeowner saw their equity increase by $16,153 in one year’s time.
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    CoreLogic’s new integrated solution streamlines underwriter workflows

    AutomatIQ Borrower helps lenders reduce costs by standardizing borrower analysis and verification
    Despite all the improvements in consumer-facing point of sale solutions, underwriters are still following a manual process when it comes to borrower verification. CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, launched AutomatIQ Borrower to pull all of the disparate borrower verification tools together into a single solution from one provider.
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  • CoreLogic's AutomatIQ Borrower streamlines mortgage workflows

    AutomatIQ Borrower is first offering from the AutomatIQ Suite of Digital Mortgage Solutions
    CoreLogic recently announced it launched phase one of AutomatIQ Borrower, which is the first offering from the new AutomatIQ Suite of Digital Mortgage Solutions. The new underwriting solution is designed to help lenders streamline their current mortgage workflows and increase underwriter productivity and loan quality.
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  • CoreLogic: Hurricane Florence could cause up to $5 billion in property damage

    Florence could be most damaging hurricane since Floyd
    According to analysis from CoreLogic, the estimated insured losses ($3 billion to $5 billion) are expected to spread across North and South Carolina, affecting both residential and commercial properties. North Carolina is projected to absorb the brunt of the storm with an estimated 250,000 homes at risk of experiencing hurricane force winds from the now Category 1 Hurricane Florence.
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  • CoreLogic: Mortgage fraud risk spiked in the second quarter

    There was a 12.4% year-over-year increase in fraud risk in Q2
    There was a significant increase in mortgage fraud risk at the end of the second quarter of 2018, according to Corelogic’s latest Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Index. CoreLogic’s Principal of Fraud Solutions Strategy Bridget Berg said this year’s trend continues to show an increase in mortgage fraud risk year-over-year.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 HW Insiders: Scott Little

    Executive, Flood Solutions, CoreLogic
    Scott Little is an industry pioneer with more than 25 years of operations and product management experience. Throughout his 25-year career at CoreLogic, he has spearheaded the development of numerous products and led the creation of the CoreLogic Spatial Solution division.
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