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  • Warren tax diatribe misses root cause of middle-class malaise

    Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau adviser Elizabeth Warren prompted a plethora of diatribes when she sounded off against big business. The architect of CFPB -- who was once in the running to be America's top mortgage cop -- suggested in an impromptu speech available on the Web that corporations are using America's infrastructure and labor, while not paying enough in taxes. Rich Lowry of the Boston Herald published complete coverage of the latest Warren controversy, proving once again the professor's lightning-rod persona.
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  • Viewpoint: FICO - The Late, Great Credit Score?

    Is FICO still relevant to the mortgage industry? I can see it now: no matter how this question gets answered, it’s certain to elicit some response, which in fact, is the reason for the article. As an industry that migrated with some reservation but eventually went "all-in" with the belief that FICO was a true indicator of performance, it’s a question that deserves discussion, particularly given the issues we’re facing.
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