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  • The view from upstairs

    San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood is home to the haves, and the have-lesses.It is a distinction that may seem like a comparison between a Ferrari and...
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  • There Better be a Mortgage Banking App for That

    People think differently about software these days. Part of that is due to the fact that we think of computers differently today. In my day (delivered in my father’s voice), computers were heavy, metal hardware that took up a lot of space and required special atmospheric conditions and a lot of power. Today, kids are carrying around computers on their belts and accessing the Web on the fly.
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  • Printing More Money as a Capital Illusion

    "And I promise to every Floridian that you will all be RICH!! Because we're gonna print some more money! Why didn't anybody ever think of this before??!!" -- Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse In this episode for the Adult Swim animated series, the front man of Dethklok -- an unrealistically high-earning metal band described as the "world's seventh largest economy" -- feels as newly-elected governor of Florida that his quantitative easing approach to a slumping economy will deliver huge results.
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  • Money Makes Us Crazy

    With the world watching and waiting for Wall Street to pay out record bonuses and the populists and free market forces waging an unending war of words over banker compensation, it's time to think about how government pays itself. Pretty, pretty, pretty good, I'd say, echoing Larry David, pretty, pretty, pretty good! But first let me say I thought surely I would never say a word about the banker compensation controversy. Stigmatized by having worked on Wall Street all those years, I thought anything I could say would be discounted up front.
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  • Copper thieving

    Jason Szep at Reuters tackles an issue that anyone in property preservation knows all too well -- copper thieves. In places like Detroit and Cleveland, it's often the case that the copper in the home ends up being worth more than the house itself. And with the market for nonferrous metals at an all-time high, the industry faces an interesting problem: board up a house, and its essentially open season to be gutted and have its metal parts shipped off to China.
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