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  • Manhattan pending home sales surge as prices drop to 2015 level, StreetEasy report says

    New federal tax code is causing a price “recalibration”
    Pending home sales in Manhattan spiked 27% in April from a year ago, reaching the highest level of signed contracts since the spring of 2015, as prices in America’s priciest urban neighborhood dropped, according to StreetEasy. “Early signs tell us that some sellers are finally pricing their homes more realistically and finding buyers when they do so,” said StreetEasy Senior Economist Grant Long.
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  • Ouch! New tax code hit Wall Street where it hurts: Hamptons home prices

    Sales tumbled 18% in Wall Street’s summer playground
    Home sales and prices tumbled in 2019’s first quarter in the Hamptons, the summer playground for Wall Street bankers and Hollywood glitterati. Wall Street bonuses are down and the new federal tax code is making it more expensive to own luxury properties in states that have high property taxes.
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  • Prices for mega-mansions in Miami Beach surge 61%

    Demand spikes as wealthy Northeast buyers flee new federal tax law
    The median price of a single-family home in the luxury segment of Miami Beach’s real estate market soared 61% in the first quarter. “I explain it by saying: Americans from the northeast are the new foreign buyers in Miami Beach,” said Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel.
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  • The highly contested state of the appraisal market and where it’s headed

    HousingWire experts answer the tough questions
    Back in March, HousingWire gathered three industry experts to answers readers’ questions on the appraisal market. But as it turned out, one hour wasn’t nearly enough time to properly dig into the state of the highly debated appraisal market. In order to weigh in on the questions left unanswered on the first webinar, HousingWire hosted a follow-up appraisal webinar. Here’s what the three experts revealed on the state of the appraisal market.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Appraisal disruption

    Is Fannie Mae right to think that Collateral Underwriter is the answer to appraisal quality?
    Typically, for a process and a product that depends largely on human effort, if you want a higher quality product, you have to pay more. The best doctors, chefs, mechanics and attorneys all make more than the market average. Nevertheless, lenders, AMCs and Fannie Mae all expect appraisal quality to increase even as appraiser fees decrease.
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  • New York Expands Inquiry into 'Appraisal Bullying'

    Bloomberg reports that New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is looking to get appraisers to formally admit to "improper" pressure to hit target home values from overly-aggressive brokers and lenders: Miller Samuel Inc. and Mitchell, Maxwell & Jackson Inc., which together valued more than 13,000 Manhattan properties last year, both said they were asked to sign identical statements by Cuomo's staff....
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  • Commentary: Assessing the REBAs

    We'll be releasing the results of the first annual Real Estate Blogging Awards tomorrow, which means today is a good time to look back on the first blogging awards to be held within the real estate community. As editor, and without question, the number one thing I can say we noticed was the great positive response from across the blogos. Everyone was buzzing about the awards, which means the idea was a good one. I still remember having the initial thought to create the awards program just before New Years, wondering if anyone would really care. We recieved just under 3,000 votes in this first year of the REBAs, which I guess means people really do care.
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