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  • Amazon and Realogy gang up on Zillow to entice homebuyers

    You purchase toilet paper, computers and paper towels through the Amazon website. Now, you can buy your next house. The world’s largest retailer is partnering with Realogy, the largest U.S. residential brokerage, to match homebuyers with real estate agents through a program called TurnKey. In return, customers get up to $5,000 of Amazon products and services. And, yes, that includes Alexa-enabled smart home devices.

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  • Collingwood Group Chairman calls out 'regulatory Jihad' on mortgage lenders

    Tim Rood says regulations actually seriously harming borrowers
    There is little doubt that there are more regulations foisted upon the mortgage industry in the wake of the housing crisis. Count Tim Rood, the chairman of The Collingwood Group, among those who think the regulatory environment is smothering mortgage lenders, going so far as to use a shocking term to describe the current lending environment.
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  • FHFA Senior Associate Meg Burns joins The Collingwood Group

    Formerly senior associate director for housing and regulatory policy
    In her new role, Burns will “leverage her considerable regulatory experience and housing policy expertise to promote the development and adoption of policies and initiatives that will help bring greater clarity and confidence to the housing finance industry,” The Collingwood Group said.
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  • Is Obama even going to talk about housing reform tonight?

    Don't get your hopes up ...
    Whenever President Obama gives a major speech – such as tonight’s State of the Union address – housing analysts wonder if this will be the year when the president finally puts housing and mortgage finance issues center stage, declaring bold and brave new initiatives on the housing front. But don't get your hopes up. It remains one of the more ignored issues of our time.
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  • Private capital solution to GSE reform suffers setback

    Obama administration gives Fairholme idea the cold shoulder
    A plan to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac received a negative reception from one Obama administration official, kicking off concerns in the mortgage industry that support for private capital in the housing finance reform package is not as solid as once predicted.
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  • Investors rally on government shutdown

    But it's not over yet. A debt ceiling emergency could send investors running
    While most industry experts are confident the mortgage market can withstand a short-term government halt, others are fearful of what a prolonged federal freeze will mean for investors.
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  • Foreign affairs could stall housing reform

    Competing priorities shift Congressional focus
    Housing is a strong catalyst for current economic growth, prompting mortgage experts to urge policymakers about the need for comprehensive housing finance reform this fall. But other fiscal headwinds and policy considerations could take precedence, delaying the housing fix once again.
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