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  • This is what falling stock prices mean for mortgage lending

    Spoiler alert: pretty much nothing, unless…
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average began decreasing Friday, then plummeted on Monday, experiencing its biggest point loss in its history. But what does all of this mean for the mortgage lending market? As it turns out, it is not expected to make a significant impact, unless…
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  • Turmoil in Washington sends Dow plummeting

    Interest rate drop will follow
    This week’s scandals in Washington finally caught up with the financial market, sending the Dow plummeting with a drop of more than 250 points. And this drop could soon spill over into mortgages as the 10-year Treasury also sees decreasing rates.
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  • Who cares if the Dow hit 20K? Not most of us

    Nearly half of American adults don’t own stocks, so why should they care?
    On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, at the offices of investment brokers, and in corporate boardrooms throughout the country, there were hearty celebrations on Wednesday morning as an artificial number hit an arbitrary target. People doffed cheap embroidered hats. They poured Champagne. Frivolity was the order of the day. But for the rest of us, the Dow hitting 20,000 doesn’t mean a damn thing.
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  • Dow flirts extremely close to 20K milestone

    Edges close Friday morning and early afternoon
    The Dow flirted extremely close to the 20,000 psychological milestone on Friday, spending most of the morning and early afternoon reaching less than half a percentage point off the threshold at times. Ever since the presidential election, the Dow, viewed as an indicator of economic health, edged closer, with Friday’s rise marking another record high.
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  • Dow tops record highs, HW 30 jumps to start Monday

    The bulls are on full parade Monday morning in U.S. equity markets, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 16,000 for the first time in history. The HW 30 (HW30) equity index of firms driving the U.S. housing economy also broke higher Monday morning, jumping more than 4 points to take the index up to 1051.14 at the time of writing.
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  • Most stocks rise on the HW 30

    Early release of Janet Yellen's testimony reveals Fed confidence in housing
    The prepared testimony of Fed Chair nominee Janet Yellen hit the wires a day early, showing her commitment to the use of monetary accommodation to influence economic change. She also saw the housing market in a better place — an assertion supported by the HW 30's strong performance on Wednesday.
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  • HW 30 rallies amid political progress

    Bank stocks soar after chosen as best bets before QE3 tapering
    Lawmakers seemed to move closer to resolving the stalemate on Capitol Hill, resulting in all three stock indices and the HW 30 rallying, as investors reacted to the positive news.
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