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  • Move wants $2 billion in damages from Zillow for alleged trade secret theft

    Can this cripple or destroy Zillow and Trulia?
    One of the most contentious fights in the history of real estate listings is about to go nuclear, thanks to a "staggering" claim of damages from Move in its trade secret theft lawsuit against Zillow. Now, for the first time, Move is acknowledging just how damaging the alleged theft was to the company. But there's more to the story than just a ginormous number.
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  • Move/News Corp legal battle drags down Zillow Group earnings in 2015

    Posts net loss of $91.1 million; sees traffic decline in 4th quarter
    The Zillow Group family of websites, which includes Zillow and Trulia, announced its 2015 financial results on Thursday, with the company reporting a pro forma net loss of $91.1 million in 2015. According to Zillow, a large portion of the net loss was driven by the legal fees associated with Zillow’s legal battle with Move, which is now owned by News Corp, over claims of allegations of trade secret theft involving Errol Samuelson, who was once Move's chief strategy officer.
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  • Judge in Zillow-Move lawsuit orders forensic analysis of computers

    Includes personal computers of Zillow execs Samuelson and Beardsley
    Zillow has to submit to an independent forensic analysis of employee computers in its ongoing dispute with Move Inc and the National Association of Realtors, a judge ordered Friday. Here are the latest developments in the heated legal battle over the alleged theft of trade secrets.
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  • Move: Anonymous whistleblower appears to confirm fears of data theft by Zillow

    New court filing alleges rampant misappropriation of trade secrets
    Move and the National Association of Realtors appear to have just dropped a bomb on Zillow, saying in a court filing that it received a letter from an anonymous whistleblower who "appears to confirm" their belief that Errol Samuelson, now the chief industry development officer for Zillow, stole “multiple documents and entire databases” when he worked at Move, and that Zillow is using the stolen information, and is hiding evidence on non-Zillow electronic services.
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  • Affordability Drives Potential Buyers to Market

    Low prices and high affordability both urge consumers back to the housing market, according to’s national homeownership survey. Nearly two-thirds – 65.2% -- of potential homebuyers surveyed named increased affordability as a motivator them to purchase a home. Foreclosure bargains in their communities are the motivating factor for 19.6% of potential buyers surveyed.
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