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  • GE Capital mere days from 'exiting' U.S. banking system

    Sells online deposit platform to Goldman Sachs
    GE Capital, once a big player in housing finance, is now just a handful of days away from exiting the U.S. banking system after the company completed the sale of its online deposit platform to Goldman Sachs. According to GE Capital, that sale positions the company to terminate its FDIC insurance and "extinguish" its final U.S. bank charter.
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  • Regulators Reveal PPIP Fund Managers

    [Update 1 includes details on the FDIC's legacy loans arm of the PPIP] The US Treasury Department officially unveiled the Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP), on Wednesday releasing long-awaited details on the program. The PPIP is divided in two major programs -- the securities branch and the loan branch -- which together aim to clear mortgage-related securities and other toxic assets from banks' balance sheets.
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