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  • Here's how much Fidelity paid to bail out LandCastle Title

    How much damage done by Nat Hardwick’s alleged theft?
    Since HousingWire first reported that Fidelity bailed out LandCastle Title, the story has taken the kinds of twists and turns that one might expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster, not in the annals of title company finance. But what wasn’t known until now is just how much it cost Fidelity to acquire that 70% ownership stake in LandCastle Title.
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  • State Street May Face Suit on Securities

    [Update 1] Financial service provider State Street [stock STT][/stock] may face civil charges over certain fixed-income strategies used by its institutional asset management business in 2007. The company said in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing Monday that it had received a so-called "Wells" notice from the SEC staff. A Wells notice indicates the SEC's intention to bring civil enforcement action over possible violations of securities laws.
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