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  • More countries promote reverse mortgage-like programs

    Hong Kong and Malta work on their own equity-release products
    Reverse mortgages are finding some traction abroad as more countries adopt and tweak equity-release programs designed to allow seniors to access their home's equity. Recently, the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta announced the pending launch of an equity-release program for retirees, while Hong Kong announced changes to its program to allow borrowers to relocate without defaulting. These developments highlight the fact that policymakers across cultures recognize the potential solution equity access presents as the global population continues to age.
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  • Will sale-leasebacks change how homeowners tap into their equity?

    Figure Technologies says it has a better solution than reverse mortgages and HELOCs
    In just its second year of operating, Figure Technologies has already raised more than $120 million in capital. While at the LendIt Fintech conference in San Francisco this week, I sat down with TJ Milani, Figure's VP of finance and strategy, and Patrick Silberstein, senior director of capital markets, to discuss the company's strategy behind its sale-leaseback product and its plans to disrupt the home equity market.
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  • Homeownership investment company Unison expands reach

    New partnership makes 5% down program available to more homebuyers
    Unison Home Ownership Investors aims to give homeowners and buyers access to cash for the opportunity to share in their home appreciation. In business for more than a decade, the company has been a pioneer in the homeownership investment category. Now, it’s growing into new markets through a new partnership with Goldwater Bank.
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  • EquiFi to launch shared equity solution for homeowners looking for cash

    Product connects homeowners with investors to provide debt-free access to equity
    Americans now have an unprecedented $6 trillion-plus in home equity, spurring the creation of products designed to help homeowners leverage this tremendous source of wealth. EquiFi plans to do just that, launching a shared equity product it hopes will transform the way consumers access their housing wealth.
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  • Former SoFi CEO Mike Cagney's blockchain lending startup Figure unveils first loan program

    Launches first home equity loan product, grants approval in 5 minutes, funds in 5 days
    Figure Technologies is aiming to shake up home equity lending. Co-founded by former SoFi CEO Mike Cagney earlier this year, Figure leverages blockchain, AI and advanced analytics to elevate the lending process for homeowners looking for access to their equity. The company just announced the release of its first product – the Figure Home Equity Loan – which offers borrowers a completely digital experience at an impressive clip.
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  • Hard-up for cash? Sell your home and then buy it back

    Sale-leaseback startup EasyKnock offers an equity-release solution for homeowners in a bind
    EasyKnock wants to help homeowners get back on their feet. They'll buy your house – handing you that equity in cold hard cash – and then rent it to you for as long as you like, or until you're able to buy it back.
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  • In This Corner: Texas Mortgage Bankers Association's VP Scott Norman

    Scott Norman serves as vice president for the Texas Mortgage Banker's Association (TMBA). He has navigated the reverse mortgage business for the last 10 years and helped put together TMBA's reverse mortgage forum, which takes place in August at the Driskill Hotel in Austin. In this episode of In This Corner, Scott Norman discusses the future of the mortgage industry and the ability of Texas' market to recover.
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  • Online Service Links Borrowers to Reverse Mortgage Lenders

    Reverse Mortgage Adviser, an online service that links borrowers and lenders of reverse mortgages, recruited TARGUSinfo to verify contact information for those inquiring about the loan service. TARGUSinfo, a Virginia-based prospect provider, identifies and locates potential customers at the moment the borrower makes contact. Reverse Mortgage Adviser will receive updated names, addresses and phone data for lenders to generate leads.
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