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  • Washington DC Auditions for the Part of Wall Street RMBS

    "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" is set for wide release on April 23 and while the first movie's star power (Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen) return to their roles, there are new characters and talent to provide a fresh update. I can't help but feel that it would be particularly apropos if the part of Wall Street itself was filled by Washington DC. But before I get into why I say that, I feel there should be a quick primer on where we are.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee

    A look at the stories across HousingWire’s desk during the holiday break…with more coverage to come on bigger issues: All eyes are on the GSEs as the government will soon pull money out of the secondary markets and information on new, more taxpayer-friendly executive pay packages becomes available.
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  • Belo Invests $2m in Real Estate Firm

    A.H. Belo [stock AHC][/stock], the Dallas newspaper company, staked a $2m investment in Sawbuck Realty. The Internet-based real estate broker said the capital will fuel their nationwide expansion into the Southern California, Washington DC and Dallas markets. Belo made the investment in 2008 in hopes of finding a solution for its ailing newspaper assets. Not only will Sawbuck receive capital needed for growth, but Belo hopes the real estate company will boost content for its home listings in the Dallas Morning News.
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  • ProLogis Raises $840m in Asset Sales

    ProLogis [stock PLD][/stock] injected good news into a struggling commercial real estate (CRE) market by raising $840m from asset sales and property fund contributions for the second quarter of 2009. As part of an effort to cut global debt, ProLogis, which leases industrial space to manufacturers and retailers, sold 136 CRE properties from Seattle to Washington DC, in 28 separate transactions. From the sales, ProLogis raised $561m, and they expect to earn an extra $96m in the second half of this year.
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  • Motivity Solutions Debuts FHA Automation Software

    Motivity Solutions, a software developer that provides a business management platform for mortgage bankers, introduced a new safety net system for lenders at the MBA Government Housing and Loan Production Conference in Washington DC Wednesday. The new software, Movation FHA Safeguard, is the latest in a string of fixtures to the Movation Business Platform, a web-based installation that sits on top of a lender’s existing software and automates the closing process.
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