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  • Department of Justice rescinds housing discrimination guidance

    Several racial discrimination cases are pending
    The Department of Justice announces it will rescind 24 guidance documents on a wide range of issues, including housing discrimination. Recently, several stories of racial discrimination in the housing market have managed to become pending legal cases. Will there be more?
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  • Federal judge finalizes $25 million Trump University settlement

    Schneiderman: Victims of fraudulent university will finally receive relief
    Participants in President Donald Trump’s failed real estate school will soon be able to receive their share of the $25 million settlement Trump reached with the state of New York back in 2016. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced Monday that District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel issued an order that finalizes the settlement, which stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Schneiderman’s office in 2013.
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  • Housing industry applauds Trump’s State of the Union address

    But will the booming economy solve housing affordability issues?
    As expected, the president touched on topics such as recently passed tax reform and the ongoing immigration debate in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. Housing experts applauded the president’s speech, but one pointed out that while Trump’s claimed the economy is booming, low levels of affordability and rising home prices continue to plague the housing market.
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  • Trump to sign tax reform into law that triggers Fannie, Freddie Treasury draw

    Corporate tax rate reduction to impact deferred assets
    President Donald Trump held a celebratory conference to pass the tax reform bill into law Wednesday after the Senate voted on it early Wednesday morning, and the House revoted Wednesday afternoon. But now tax law will likely trigger the GSEs to make a draw from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
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  • Sen. Warren on the fate of the CPFB

    Who should lead the bureau next?
    Interesting enough, this weeks marks the seven-year anniversary of when Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., called Consumer Financial Bureau Protection Director Richard Cordray to come to Washington D.C. and run the newly created agency. Warren weighs in on the discussion of Cordray leaving the bureau.
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  • Trump officially kills CFPB arbitration rule

    Despite last-minute plea from CFPB Cordray to save the rule
    The battle over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s highly contested arbitration rule is finally over. President Donald Trump signed a resolution on Wednesday to officially revoke the rule. The arbitration rule is dead.
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  • Is President Trump on track to reach his 4% GDP campaign promise?

    One report says yes; another says not quite
    At the beginning of his presidency, President Donald Trump promised to bring gross domestic product up to 4% during his term. After an advanced estimate from the Atlanta Fed showed GDP will come in at an impressive 3.8% for the third quarter, Trump supporters claimed he had kept those promises. However, not everyone agrees with that assumption.
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  • Trump talks Dodd-Frank: We’re going to cut regulations tremendously

    Trump discusses regulatory rollback in wide-ranging New York Times interview
    In an expansive, wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, President Donald Trump stated that he would not have selected Jeff Sessions to serve as attorney general if he knew that Sessions would recuse himself from the investigation into Trump's suspected ties to Russia. And while that proclamation seems to be grabbing all the headlines, Trump also discussed a number of other issues, including his administration's push to roll back Dodd-Frank and the administration's efforts to cut regulations "tremendously."
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