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  • Consolidated Analytics buys PCA Appraisal Management

    Merger of appraisal management companies
    In a deal between two appraisal management companies, Consolidated Analytics, an appraisal management company and mortgage advisory firm, announced this week that it acquired PCA Appraisal Management, which provides real estate appraisal services. Here are the details.
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  • Landmark Network acquires AppraisalPro

    Strengthens presence on East coast
    Landmark Network completed the acquisition of AppraisalPro, which will further the company’s reach into the Northeast. The company says existing clients won’t experience delays, but rather, will be able to immediately use Landmark’s technology.
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  • Valuation Partners hires new VP

    Jayson Dammen to oversee business in 10 states
    Dammen brings over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, primarily as a correspondent lending executive. Most recently, he worked as an account executive in the correspondent lending division at Impac Mortgage Holdings.
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  • Valuation Partners adds Denise Neely as vice president

    Will oversee business development and new client services
    Appraisal management company Valuation Partners announced Denise Neely has joined the company as Southwest region vice president. Neely’s new role includes overseeing business development and new client services in Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.
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  • Here’s why Illinois appraisals came to a dead stop this week

    Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation pulls licenses
    While the rest of us were going about our business this week, appraisals in the state of Illinois came to a dead stop after the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation revoked the licenses of 70 of the state’s appraisal management companies due to non-compliance with the state’s bonding requirements.
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  • From HW Magazine

    10 signs you need a new appraisal quality assurance process

    In our experience with numerous lenders and AMCs, appraisal quality assurance is typically one extreme or the other: too manual or too automated — both leading to inconsistent or ineffective results. If any of these 10 warning signs sound familiar, it’s time to implement a procedural change for compliance and a defensible position that results in better lending decisions.
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  • AppraiserLoft Announces Leadership Change

    AppraiserLoft, a national provider of collateral valuation services today announced that Aman Makkar has resigned as the company's Chief Executive Officer. Taking on an interim leadership role will be Shane Copeland, Senior Vice President of National Sales. "As the founder and CEO, Aman Makkar has been the driving force and leader for AppraiserLoft and we thank him for his vision and extreme dedication," said Copeland. "It is a small circle of people who can take a company from concept to market leadership and innovation like Aman has accomplished. He has also united an outstanding management team to continue the
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  • Partnership Provides HVCC Compliance Tool

    Yet another tool to help lenders meet the Home Valuation Code of Conduct compliance requirements emerged today. The HVCC enacted on May 1, completely altered the appraisal business, essentially requiring that appraisers are selected and assigned to all appraisals on a blind basis via third-party platforms. This also meant loan origination systems began altering the way they conduct business, in order to ensure lenders comply with regulations quickly and easily.
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