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  • Ellie Mae partners with Pacific Union, Finicity to speed up mortgage lending process

    Companies integrate with Encompass platform for greater efficiency
    Ellie Mae announced it is partnering with Pacific Union Financial and Finicity to improve its digital mortgage solution and increase efficiency. The two companies will integrate with Encompass, Ellie Mae’s digital solution, allowing Ellie Mae to improve its digital mortgage process.
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    Ellie Mae

    The true digital mortgage

    An all-in-one solution for a changing industry
    [Sponsored Content] We frequently hear about the benefits of the digital mortgage. The term is widely overused, yet its promoters have largely under-delivered on its true promise. Some define digital mortgage as an eClosing, while others are simply referring to online applications that have been available for more than a decade. So, if the solutions currently being promoted as a digital mortgage really streamline the process, why does it still take up to 60 days to close a loan? Click to read more...
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  • Land Gorilla integrates with Ellie Mae’s mortgage solution

    Gives Ellie Mae customers access to construction loan management software
    Land Gorilla recently announced its software is now available through Ellie Mae’s Encompass management solution. Land Gorilla will offer construction loan management solutions to mitigate risk and improve construction loan management workflow.
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  • Ellie Mae mortgage solution integrates with Built

    Brings transparency to mortgage process
    This summer a new lending automation software will integrate with Ellie Mae’s Encompass mortgage management solution. The new integration will bring higher transparency to the mortgage process. Built’s president and CEO explained the integration will simplify construction loan origination.
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  • Ellie Mae revenue jumps 26% in first quarter 2017

    Despite industry mortgage volume declining
    Ellie Mae powered through industry declines in mortgage volumes and recorded a strong boost in revenue for the first quarter 2017. As industry wide mortgage volume declined by 34% from the fourth quarter, Ellie Mae managed to grow its revenue by 26% in the first quarter.
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  • Ellie Mae updates Encompass to support new HMDA requirements

    HMDA to take effect January 2018
    Ellie Mae released an updated version of Encompass, its mortgage management solution. The last update focused on supporting construction loans. This time around most of the changes deal with compliance with the new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which goes into effect in January 2018.
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  • Ellie Mae adds John Abel as senior vice president, chief information officer

    Tasked with overseeing internal information technology and systems
    Fresh off another strong quarter and year, Ellie Mae is adding a seasoned executive to its ranks to oversee the company’s internal information technology and systems. Ellie Mae announced recently that John Abel will be joining the company as senior vice president and chief information officer.
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  • Ellie Mae just misses second straight $100 million quarter

    Saw revenue growth of 42%, net income growth of 70% in 2016
    It was another strong year for Ellie Mae, as the company reported Thursday that it saw solid financial results in 2016. And while the company didn’t see a third straight record-breaking quarter from a revenue perspective, the fourth quarter was another solid one for Ellie Mae.
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  • Ellie Mae posts first $100 million revenue quarter

    Beats capital consensus
    The record-breaking quarters for Ellie Mae are not slowing down. Once again, Ellie Mae reported record revenue, breaking the record that was set last quarter, which actually broke the record set in the quarter prior to that. This time, however, marks the first ever quarter that Ellie Mae posted more than $100 million in revenue.
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