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  • NAR: Home sales may be falling, but housing sentiment is on the rise

    Renters saying now is a good time to buy rebound
    The number of homeowners saying now is a good time to sell their home hit a record high in the third quarter, and an increasing share of renters claim now is a good time to buy. However, this increase in sentiment is not translating into a higher number of home sales. The National Association of Realtors explains why.
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  • Fannie Mae launches homebuyer education app

    Watch video tutorial on how to navigate it
    Fannie Mae launched its new homebuyer application HOME that educates future homeowners about the steps and responsibilities of buying and owning a home. Be sure to watch the video tutorial on how to navigate the app.
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  • Lady Gaga hunts for Upper West Side house

    An inside look at the singer’s home
    Lady Gaga is searching for a penthouse apartment near her childhood home on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Before she makes the big move into homeownership, watch this video for a quick inside look of her current rental home that was previously occupied by Tony Bennett and Liza Minnelli.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Crunch time

    HousingWire's 2015 economic outlook
    There is one distinct moment in recent memory when everything was going to be just fine. On an early morning, back in April 2013, the smallest of miracles happened on the economic front. This singular event would lead to calls that the developed world’s ability to do business, with all of its multitudinous complexities, was on the road to a recovery, maybe this time, finally, forever.
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  • Should real estate agents disclose murder?

    Modern day haunted houses...
    A majority of states don’t consider psychological stigmas to be material defects to a home; which means you can purchase a home that hosted a murder, suicide or another gruesome event without even knowing it.
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  • Despite winter storms, 29 markets hit peak Huge yearly housing market price increases
    The holiday season and early winter storms did little to affect top markets, as the number of top 100 markets to reach or surpass their peak prices at the height of the boom in 2007 increased to 29 markets.
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  • 5 tips to help sell a home on Instagram

    Want millenials to buy a house? This can help with the marketing
    There is a fair number of social media platforms out there these days, from Facebook to Twitter to Vine. And while each one has its value, one area of untapped potential for Realtors is Instagram.
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  • When your Realtor goes's why

    There are just some questions agents cannot answer
    A real estate agent is supposed to be like your best friend, giving you encouragement in trying to find the perfect property. But unlike your best friend, there are limits to what they can say. If they go silent on you, here's why...
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