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  • There Better be a Mortgage Banking App for That

    People think differently about software these days. Part of that is due to the fact that we think of computers differently today. In my day (delivered in my father’s voice), computers were heavy, metal hardware that took up a lot of space and required special atmospheric conditions and a lot of power. Today, kids are carrying around computers on their belts and accessing the Web on the fly.
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  • Head in the Cloud (Computing)

    Technology amazes me. To think that something so very complex can be made accessible and useful to so many is really astounding. To me, this is the real age of enlightenment. Giving people access to computing power without forcing them to understand how it works is bigger than the printing press. History will support me in this, I think.
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  • Mobile Pricing Tool Debuts

    A new portable pricing tool allows originators to qualify borrowers and check current pricing anytime and anywhere -- so long as they have a smart phone. "A loan officer could be out at lunch, standing in line at the grocery store, or watching their kid's soccer game" and still conduct business, says Gigi Campbell, national sales director at PriceMyLoan.
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