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  • Resource Mitigates HVCC Confusion

    The Home Valuation Code of Conduct took effect May 1, drastically changing the appraisal process, essentially requiring that appraisers are selected and assigned to all appraisals on a blind basis via third-party platforms. Two weeks later, the code's regulations still brew confusion within the lending sector, prompting one mortgage technology company to provide a means of clarification.
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  • Stagnation data point of the day

    Via Paul Krugman at the New York Times, a visual that shows real income history for the 35-44 crowd: But you'll be glad to know that those over 65 have seen a huge jump in their income under the current administration, in contrast.
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  • We got some positive ink from Fortune, and we're sharing

    Housing Wire was named to a list of five "Must-reads in a Web 2.0 world" by Fortune today, along with our favorite blog ever, DealBreaker. We're just humbled to be in such rarified company -- and it's motivating to see that the idea here of creating a financial news outlet for the mortgage industry has really caught on. Did we mention that Google News has also picked us up this week?
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